Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why were the Princes under the control of Rajnarthakis until a certain age (after attaining their Puberty)?

The Rajnarthakis or the royal dancers who were hired to entertain the sabha or the assembly of ministers which included the King, At times the flock of upa-pathnis were also assigned the responsibility to care of the princes, the upa-pathnis are sometimes the dasis of king or queens, it is believed that they are a group of women who are sent with the newly married princess to her husband’s residence and the king treats them or accepts them as wives though they are not given the importance or the status of the queen, that she gained in the society.

So the princes were left with these women before the princes could start their schoolings (gurukul). These women had sex & at times forced the prices to, just to make them feel that the orgasm which lasts not more than 30-45 minutes was disgusting and there were much better things to be excavated about, regarding knowledge. Hence this helped them to overcome the overwhelming lust at the age when they attain puberty, which at times is uncontrollable, thus bringing about a disgusting feel in them about sex, that helped them concentrate much to scholar themselves in Vedas.

They were also made to understand the importance of a woman, the reason and the way to respect her, were also taught how to win a woman’s heart?

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