Thursday, January 5, 2012

WHY Gay?

 Though science does not give an explanation to, birth of a gay or a lesbian child, Ayurveda does.  Science says that its an option that a person chooses to live like, but never says why he chooses that way of life style or preference of sexual satisfaction.

 It has an explanation which convinces us, to a degree of conviction acceptable, according to Ayurveda:
It is said that during the mating action of two opposite sexes, the release of sperm which fertilizes the ovary or eggs of a woman’s womb, if found less dominant,
i.e. if a sperm’s energy level or the strength is comparatively less than the ovary or egg and if the sperm happens to be a male sect and is dominated by the characteristics of the fertilized egg, then it would result in a gay child, the extremities extend upto            cross-dressing.
 and a sperm which belong to a female sect and found more energetic and fertilizes an egg which is comparatively weak, results in a lesbian child.
similarly when an ovary very weak is fertilized by a weak sperm results in a 
Trans-gender. similarly the roles they opt for i.e. being masculine but gay, crossdressing, being girlish all depends on the dominant characteristics of either the sperm or the Ovaries, during or after the fertilization act.
Hope this did help a few who are searching for answers.

(well, shown above is a wall painting of an Egyptian tomb.)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well its a thing to know....

1. Fluids or stem cells extracted from umbilical cord were used by ayurvedic doctors in india,  to treat many ailments and to delay aging process of queens. It is said that kaika or kaikei who was Dhashratha’s most beloved wife, used the mixture of conch shell’s powder and the fluid of umbilical cord to remove tan and to improve her skin tone.

2. Bermuda grass or arugam pul or cunodon dactylon can delay ageing process.
3. Garlic was used as an adhesive to tighten 2 metallic mating hardware parts i.e. when the threads of the bolt or screw when penetrated in to garlic and then tightened with nuts of its own, cannot be unfastened that easily.
4. The month Aashaada  or Aadi  is considered inauspicious why?
Its actually not, people in India  were so self-centered and very busy conducting ceremonies, marriages and programs of their own and almost forgot god, in order to keep them focused to their sanskaras they had a month  reserved for their  prayers, which was a dedicated time span for  gods, pithrus(their ancestral spirits ) etc.
Another reason being told is that the Brahmins who had no time to conduct festive of their own, made use of this time to accomplish their private ceremonies.
5. It was Rama’s  great grandfather “Ikshvaku” who started sugarcane plantation in India and that’s why sugarcane in Sanskrit is called “Ikshu”.
6. Maata Vaishno devi is basically a south Indian from Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu, who was asked by Rama to migrate towards the foothills of Himalayas and wait until his tenth incarnation Kalki, in which he promised to marry her.
7.Madurai Meenakshi, who was a Pandya princess, was born with a physical abnormality of 3 breasts. She lived as a tomboy with manly behavior, teasing girls, loved sword fights and chariot riding. Her actual name was “Thadathakai”, she later was named Meenakshi (the one with fish shaped eyes), but the actual reason for naming her so, during the official   crowning ceremony, was to assure the people of that kingdom who were scared to crown a woman(a weak gender), that she would protect her people, as a fish would.
A fish would protect all its offsprings by swallowing them, if it senses any danger and releases them in a safer place, it also would risk its life to save its offsprings but only if they are too young to defend themselves, a gift it has apart from this:
Sparsha Shakthi-A Hen would always sit on its eggs in order to hatch them, by sitting on the eggs and applying the right pressure and heat.
Drishti Shakthi-A fish would just stare at its eggs and use its eye sight to hatch its eggs (hence people with poor eye sight were treated with cuisines that had fish especially the eyes part).
Manas Shakthi-But, tortoises are incomparable, because just the thought of  the eggs and the place it laid them, using its manas or mind, can hatch its eggs. It is also said that when the offsprings of a tortoise are hungry, shades of blue are visible in the eyes of the mother tough its quite far or on land.
8. Sita when abducted by Ravan was imprisoned in Ashoka vatika(lanka), she rebelled against this act of Ravan by starving, taking pity of her plight the devathas prepared a calorie rich savory called “Madhura payas”, which specially was prepared by Dhanvantri. Which had herbs that would turn the digestive enzymes inactive, those enzymes which create hunger,  also had high amount of sweetness and ofcourse ingredients which would sustain this savory in her stomach, to avoid it getting digested and not to leave her stomach empty.
9. Yajna was actually per formed for
 health and medicine: the remains of yagna was used for medication.
 Reinforcement of ozone layer and removal of atmospheric pollution, through it. 

 10. Muladhara chakra which  is positioned close to anus, at the perineum, and it has four petals which match the vrittis(feel or situation) of greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passion, and blissfulness in concentration. One can rise above the ground, gain knowledge and experience the past, present and future by concentrating on mooladhara chakra.                                                                                                                                      Eventually its seen that many male hermaphrodites who encounter sodomy, during and after the act, can concentrate the perineum with ease and  can actually activate the chakra faster than any other, who would consume more time in
a. anal reverse respiration technique OR
b.constant contraction and relaxing of the anal opening, for activating the chakra.                         
 11. There’s an anecdote about the Thirupathi Thirumala temple in Andhra Pradesh, that the main diety’s statue of Vishnu is actually an idol of Gautham Buddha, which was later amended by Sri Ramanujachari who moved down south. (Though there’s another story that says its an idol of Swamy Kalabhairav, but there’s no proof of it).                                                        
12. According to Tantra Lalitha Devi is the daughter of Varahi and Kurukulla, Varahi and Kurukulla are two female forces of dasha vidhyas or the 10 forces which are the root of all creations, nothing is beyond the dasha vidhyas. Varahi devi acts as a father and Kurukulla devi as mother.                                                                                                             
13. the Vajrayudha of Indra was actually the spinal chord of a sage called Dadeechi .
14. There is a different version of purana which says Lord Shiva was actually a son of a dancer and he never knew who his father was.
15. Many say that the actual version of Mahabharath never speaks of a character called Radha at all. Though many others argue the existence of Radha, who marries a merchant called Anay and expires without breeding kids with her husband.
16. Lord Shiva went mad for years when his first wife Dakshayini committed suicide by jumping into the sacrificial pyre. He carried her half burnt corpse on his shoulders, unable to control the excruciating severance of his spouse, went mad. The devatas then decided to send Vishnu to chop her body to pieces without Shivas knowledge, to get him out of the agony.
17.  Gandhar naresh  or king of Gandhar province, 

Shakuni, was born with 100 other siblings who were all imprisoned by Dhritrashtra, king Dhritrashtra gambles to see who survives  amongst them. Mahabharath explains the way he tortured them by supplying them just  a morsel of rice a day which was not enough for one, hence the brothers decide to choose one smart person out of  a total 101, to avenge king Dhritrashtra they also instruct the chosen one to collect their bones after cremation and make use of them. In a few days the soldiers find everyone in the cell except Shakuni to be dead. After cremating his brothers ‘s corpses  Shakuni collects all their bones and prepares dices out of them, their spirits which died of vengeance guarded the dices and also replicated ideas of Shakuni, that’s the reason Shakuni was  confident of  gambling, as he would always get the dice to roll his way, for the figure he wished.
Another legend says Bhishma was incharge of getting the princes in his family to get educated and getting them married, an d so by asking  Gandhari's hand for Dritrashtra, which when was denied Bheeshma waged a battle against which Gandhar was helpless. Shakuni considered it an insult to his country, getting his sister  married to a blind man.
 Shankuni revolted against this & refused to allow his sister to wed Dritrashtra. Bheeshma reacted by imprisoning Shakuni along his father &  his 100 other brothers and feeding them on a morsel of rice a day. Shakuni's father & brothers realised that he was the most capable politician among them & hence allowed him to eat the entire morsel, on the condition that he vows to destroy the Kuru Vansh to avenge their humiliation.
Though shakuni was the reason for  Pandavas  to face problems from the Kauravs, he indirectly was getting them stronger and preparing them to fight against Kauravs huge number, and was planning for the decline of Kauravs by being nice to them, which they never could guess.
18.when “Aum”kaar or the sound wave propagated in space for the first time many other shabdh or sound waves of different frequencies were generated, whom we give forms and name them as gods of unique purposes, such as “Hreem”-Lakshmi, “Kleem”-Kali, “Aim”-Saraswati, “Shree”-Shakthi and much more, which later became the beeja(seed) mantras. As told in Vedas and vedantas perpetual recitation of these beeja mantras one can attain the echelon of any desired godly being, by reciting the beeja mantra of that mystic energy they would want to attain.
19.The paste prepared with deer’s horn was used as an alternate to Viagra in Ancient India.
20.How much ever venomous a cobra is, just by touching the back of its hood, it can be brought under control, it immediately surrenders.

21. This is for those who are confused about Gulika-kala, as there are many time slots in a day like Rahu-kala(time period of Rahu), Yama-ganda (time period of Yama), Gulika-kala is the time of Shani Dev. There’s a story behind this.
When Ravan the greatest Astrologer Known till date, had kept all the grahas or planets captive, he then prepared a chart during the birth of his son in such a way that, all the planets would assemble in the same house or rashi or block of the kundali. Hence, the child born(meghnath) would be the strongest immortal on earth. But to avoid this mishap, Shani cleans his ears pulls out the wax, prepares a small ball out of it and drops it into the adjacent house or rashi( some say he makes his shadow fall into the house of adjacent rashi) hence that time duration is called Gulika-kala.
21. Narakasur the demon, son of Bhoomi, had made Bhuvaneshwar his capital and called it prag-jyotishpur, the place where astrology and tantra(Tantric sex and tantra vidya) had its origin.
22.Haradwar is misspelled as Haridwar. Haradwar(at the door of Lord Shiva) and Hari is Lord Vishnu.
23. The beetle leaves are cut around the corners, the veins and tip
because after stopped raining or the morning dews on the beetle leaves starts dripping from the tip or the sides of the leaves, are usually drunk by snakes, they wet their tongue and drink the water, scared of being poisoned sometimes the leaves are cut before consuming.
24.Nandi was married to a girl called Suyasambika devi.
25.the Indo-Tibetan lord Shiva is shown on television series wearing tiger’s skin. But, its believed that he wraps around his waist the skin of lion and elephant only. There are mantras  mentioning him as Vyagra(lion) and Gaja(elephant) charmambara dhari.

Elderly wives (or companions) of puranas:

Though we have many examples of wife being elder than her husband in puranas, like Sita was 6 months elder than Rama, Radha was elder than Krishna and even in the case of Shiva and Shakthi according to Shakthi purana, it was Shakthi who created Shiva, Bramha, Vishnu and proposes them to marry her. But do you know who is known for, the huge difference in age among spouses? 

Its Balaram and revathi, Balaram the elder brother of Krishna,was searching for a suitable partner who met Revathi.
Revati was the only daughter of King Kakudmi (or Raivata), a powerful monarch who rule Kusasthali a prosperous and advanced kingdom under the sea, and who also controlled large tracts of land, including Anarta kingdom. Feeling that no human could prove to be good enough to marry his lovely and talented daughter, King Kakudmi took Revati with him to Brahma-loka (the plane of existence where Lord Brahma, the Creator, resides) to ask Lord Brahma's advice about finding a suitable husband for Revati. When they arrived, Lord Brahma was listening to a musical performance by the Gandharvas, so they waited patiently until the performance was finished. Then, Kakudmi bowed humbly, made his request and presented his shortlist of candidates. Lord Brahma laughed loudly, and explained that time runs differently on different planes of existence in space, and that during the short time they had waited in Brahma-loka to see him, 27 chatur-yugas (a chatur-yuga is a cycle of four yugas, hence 27 catur-yugas total 108 yugas) had passed on. Lord Bramha upon meeting Raivata informs him about Balaram. The Daughter and father then found Balarama and proposed the marriage. Because she was from an earlier yuga, Revati was far taller and larger than her husband-to-be, but Balarama, "beholding the damsel of excessively lofty height", tapped his plough (his characteristic weapon) on her head and she shrunk to the normal height of his. The marriage was then duly celebrated. Revati bore her husband two sons, Nisatha and Ulmuka. Both her sons Nisatha and Ulmuka were killed in the Yadu fratricidal war, after which Balarama also ended his earthly incarnation by meditating on the Coast of Arabic Sea. At his funeral ceremony, Revati ascended onto his funeral pyre and was immolated with him.
It is also said that Mandodari is quite elder than Ravan.                                                    
Even Krishna had a fetish for elderly women (though he was bisexual).                            
The famous apsara or the divine nymph Punjikasthala who later changed her name to anjana was quite elder than kesari the monkey king to whom hanuman was born.   Hidimba devi who fell in love with the pandav kumar Bheem was elder than him.