Monday, September 7, 2009

The Facts about Moola Garbhagriha of a Temple...

The moola gharbha griha of the temple (where the main deity is situated in) is always dark and there is no electricity used there. Why?

In most of the ancient temples in our country, we even now do not use electric lamps in gharbha griha or the moola sthaan (exception of a few recently constructed temples) this had a scientific reason with a tint of myth in it.

We believe that the God Almighty is a positive force, when we usually do the Prathishtaapana or the positioning of the idol in the temple we do the Aavaahana (that is the deposition of powers on an idol being placed, this was done to enhance the powers of the idols in the temple). Thus we consider it to possess energized protons (positive charges) and the electricity which we say, is a flow of electrons (negative charges). Hence when there is electricity in the ghabha griha the protons or the positive charges in the idol are attracted towards the negative charges(as the energy levels of electric charges are much higher than positive) of electricity thus the idol looses the factor called divinity, Shakthi (power) and much more. Thus in most of the ancient temples of India the supply of electricity is been tabooed. When observed, the idols even without electricity looks like it possess life and can feel the presence of it. The idol looks radiant with nothing but just a few lamps and divine they make us feel in their vicinity. It’s not that the electricity, can bring down the power levels of god( the idol), but it’s just that, we during havan, pooja, homa and the main being the Aavaahan during the installation process of the idol(the sound waves generated by the chants and mass prayers are done for the god to permit an ansh or amsh (atom) of his to invade the idol and do the needful(as we believe that an atom of his is more than necessary to accomplish the wishes of his devotees, as he himself cant descend until if the world in whole is in danger)) so again, the electricity and other negative forces can never defeat god it’s just that it brings down the level of the energized idol (only and not god) which again can be refilled by the same process called Aavaahana.

A few complaints, we get to listen from people that even after visiting temples, when they are mentally quite disturbed and depressed, they lack involvement (Bhakthi) and can’t dissipate their grief. The reason is that the electricity nullifies or completely turns it into nothing but an idol as the Shakthi in it is lost. The best way to know the difference between the two is to, first visit a temple which has no electricity in the moola gharbha griha except but a few lamps and then by visiting the normal temples with electricity supply in the gharbha griha, because it’s better to feel it for themselves rather reading it on a blog, as your feelings can explain you a lot more than the words we use.

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shyamal parikh said...

I am interested in gharbha griha construction is there any book explaining it in detail?