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Was Shikhandi a Transgender or a Trans-sexual?

The story: Raja Drupada  had 3 kids called Shikhandi, Drushtadyumna and Draupadi, but,when Shikhandi was born, was born a girl, an astrologer who predicted her future told her parents that the girl would transform into a boy at a certain age. Shocked to know this, her parents got her married to another princess. But after a few days the princess who was officially known to be Shikhandi’s wife suspected her husband, she doubted as to why Shikhandi never had sex with her or even change clothes in her presence. She hired a maid who would slacken the lock by which the princess could sneak-in to find the truth. One fine day , when she saw Shikhandi stripping learnt that she was being cheated, she couldn’t bear the insult  and despair haunted her. She at once went to her parents palace and narrated the story of how the entire family was being cheated, for which the king announced, of waging a war against Shikhandi’s kingdom. Scared of the consequence Shikhandi fled
From the palace and ran into the forest where there was a gandharva, who was a hermaphrodite and took sanyasa(or lived detached from the world) because he found no sexual ecstasy in the world  where he lived. He learnt with his knowledge of samudrika shastra  looking at Shikhandi the princess, was born to kill Bhishma and was in need of a sex change. He and the princess had a verbal treaty among themselves that they would have their sex changed, which both craved for. Hence the breasts  and the vaginal organs were transplanted to the sage and his penis was transplanted to Shikhandi, both  in this circumstance were donors and acceptors of the organs which were to be replaced. This was done by the sage under great medical care and hygiene, it is said. Happy with their new lives which they were in actual need of, returned back to their places, when Shikhandi returned back to the palace where his father-in-law was waiting eagerly to see if what his daughter said was true. Stripped Shikhandi in the court, in the presence of many and was shocked to see a penis in the place of a vagina, in accordance to what his daughter had mentioned. Finally, couldn’t react for his hasty decision and felt humiliated, thus blessed them both and left. At the end of Kurukshethra war, when Bhishma had to face Sihkhandi in war, couldn’t fight against him, but had to face defeat because though Shikhandi was a man now was once a woman and the Vedas say that a specimen’s  sex  is judged by his or her birth and not by what is he or her at present. This says that there were techniques by which people used to secretly change their sex using techniques that only a few knew and lived a usual and desired life. But this was restricted to a few Hijras or transgenders(men who had breasts and women who had a few manly features, like hairy bodies and no breasts etc), because a few percentage of hijras or transgenders had to be present in the society for auspicious occasions to bless people and only if they wished to, the choice or the way they opt to live was not influenced by any. Moreover being a Transgender or a Trans-sexal was a mark of respect as they were clandestine to royal family affairs.
This technique was later not taught to the generation next, because there were many who misused this knowledge, to forcibly change the sex of people.

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Untold facts of Puranas and history: part 2

Please feel free to comment or correct me if am wrong.

14. Brahmin:  is not a caste, in those days who were educated and could scholar the Vedas were called Brahmins irrespective of the caste they belonged, to certify them that they were Brahmins, they were asked to wear a holy thread called Janivara, and from then on whatever caste they earlier belonged to, was not theirs anymore but were called Brahmins forever, a person was never considered Brahmin just because his parents were, this thread (Janivara)slided from their left shoulder moving across their chest and stomach and ended at the right side of their hip, this had another reason too, during their Gurukul period i.e. schoolings , a task of getting food from the nearest villages and sharing the alms was one activity they did have to accomplish everyday, they had to stay cautious of not getting mislead due to their puberty at times and stay focused to their studies. So the thread was worn by these young men so that, young girls and women who supposedly get attracted to these young boys could possibly ruin their lives, hence when a young boy head shaven with a thread across would come around begging in the village was an indication of a Brahmin boy, under schooling. When such boys are around or at the front door begging for alms women and girls will have their faces covered or head bowed or partially invisible and the boys too had to bow their heads down and not look at them, this was to avoid them fall in love, to avoid discontinuation in studies.
Thus, Brahman meant the one who possessed "Bramha Gnana"  by mastering all the four vedas, "Bramhana" was the certification of his completion, understanding and implementing the sanskaras mentioned in the vedic texts, it is hence not a caste. As one who completes his course of engineering is called an "Engineer", anatomy a "doctor", similarly the one who masters vedas was called a "Bramhan". not necessarily an Engineer's son should also be certified an Engineer or a Doctor's son a Doctor though they possess no knowledge about the same, similarly a Brahmin's son not necessarily will have to be  certified a Brahmin without the "Bramha Gnana".

15.vedas originated from the sounds of animals.

16.Pathivrathas or the women of great chastity: women of those days were very lusty they had secret affairs, divorced their husbands(divorce in ancient India was normal, thatches of 7 huts were brought, tied together as a strand and broken into 2 halves which symbolized the break-up of a couple and were free to choose another partner each), lusted many other men and hence the concept of Pathivratha came in, women who were committed, honest with their husbands and loved them truly- these were the only qualities expected (but now people have made it more complex though by mentioning  of – not stepping out of their houses, not exposing their faces to strangers etc which is not true) and one who were very loyal to their husbands were called so and were given a special importance in society to inspire other women, which is now misunderstood.

17.Dhanvanthri is an ancient  Doctor from the puranas, who is an avatar of Vishnu,
Created hybrid plants like:
 a.siriya nangai- andrographis paniculata
b.periya nangai- Polygala elongata - Narrow-Leaved Milkwort
c.yeti marathhu pattai
and many more, which acts as an antidote, for snake bites, by  just applying its extract around the area of snake bite, snakes are so allergic to these Botanics that they never slither around, 15 to 30 mts of its vicinity.

18.untill Dwapara yuga a few games were unrevealed to normal people and were constrained to gods only, such as
 Paramapadam(traditional snake and ladder) played by Vishnu and Lakshmi his mistress,
Chauper(Game of dice- very close to ludo) was played by Shiva and Parvati, there are stories that say they gambled their possession including their clothing and stood naked after loosing.
Chaduranga(chess)was being played by kings and people of higher class society.

19. If people were performing penance mainly  for:
 salvation it was Vishnu whom their prayed,
for strategies and to change their fate it was Bramha ,
if they were in need of weapons and knowledge it was Shiva.

20.Apsaras the celestial nymphs:  were called the divine veshyas, because they remained pathivrathas for those whom they were under for a specific span and followed pathivratha dharma of being loyal, loving, caring and devoted, they turned virgins when were back in heaven, though they are seen as prostitutes as they never covered their upper portion of their bodies and exposed more they had a few qualities which gave them a different stand, and that’s why they are called the divine prostitutes.

21.Kamasuthra not only teaches about sexual positions but also to breed the kind of kid you desire, yes you can design your baby, it also speaks a lot about auto mobiles, electricity, machinery, astrology and much more.

22.Lord Krishna was actually very afraid of his foes , who frequently tried to attack him and his people hence he had 10 different places named the same as dwaraka, and kept shifting with his people to confuse his foes.

23.Yudishtra from mahabharatha was a very tough kid and to keep him in the track of dharma people praised him as Dharmaraja the one who prioritizes dharma at any condition, these praises kept him on track, after his death he was taken to heaven where he placed a request of meeting  Harishchandra the one known for his truthfulness , honesty, Dharma and being pious. Yudhistra was rated equal to him. Yudhishtra was eager to see a person of his kind and who existed long back with his qualities. When this request was taken to Harishchandra he dodged with a huge “NO”
Which enraged Yudhistra, he then covered himself in a blanket and visited his quarters in heaven, surprised by an unknown visitor Harishchandra who was having his dinner came down to receive the guest who stood at the door the person was completely covered in a blanket with nothing much visible but a thumb which was burnt to ashes when it drew the glimpse of Harishchandra, he then understood it was Yudhistra who was in disguise sneaked in out of curiosity , he then explained him the reason that he was just being called Dharmaraja because he was the son of Yama dharma(the lord of death) and he(yudhishtra) would be the next yama, he in his life never followed Dharma to such an extent which could be appreciable like Harishchandra or Karna, he was just a mere king like any other and not worth his fame, Yudhishtra the Dharmavaan. After this, Krishna who was present there acknowledges Harishchandra’s  statement.

24. There is no concept of  dinner in India, but after having invaded multiple times, most of the routine based on religion and beliefs have been altered. The diet schedule earlier in India was 1. Upahara 2. Bhojana 3. Phalahara, which meant           1. Breakfast 2.lunch 3. Snacks (carbohydrates contributed by proteins )at late evening before 7pm.
There’s no concept of desert too, as the sweets are served first so that when a person is hungry the digestive enzymes and acids are highly active so sweets with high calories and carbohydrates are digested first and when the acids react quite slow and get passive the rest is being served.
 But, when its done the other way or the western way , the highly reactive acids would digest the main course faster and when its passive would digest the desert or the sweets much slower, which are very rich in calories.
This was the diet routine followed by Indians for years, which kept them fit .So I think now, you could guess why?, many do have a layer of fat collection in their belly and an add on to it, are calories which gets  them fatter everyday.

25. Puranas  speak of different ways a yuga or an era in this world could end without leaving a trace behind, this has been explained in a story of a crow called Bhooshunda that survives the end of world everytime. Yogi Bhusunda is one of the Chiranjivis amongst the Yogins (celibate sages). He was the master in the science of Pranayama(breathing techniques). It is said that a big nest, like a mountain, was built by him on the southern branch of the Kalpa Vriksha(a divine tree that grants the wish or request being placed), situated at the northern summit of the Mahameru(a mountain which has an epical landmark of being used by devas and danavas  i.e gods and demons to churn the ocean for the divine nectar ). Bhusunda lived in this nest. He was a Trikala Jnani(the one who possess knowledge of past, present and future). He could sit in Samadhi(meditation) for any length of time. He was desireless. He had obtained supreme Santi and Jnana(i.e. knowledge and peace). He was there enjoying the bliss of his own Self and he is still there being a Chiranjivi. He had the full knowledge of the five Dharanas. He had rendered himself proof against the five elements(earth, space, air, water and fire) by practising the five methods of concentration. It is said that when all the twelve Adityas(sun and other stars very close to earth) scorch the world with their burning rays, he would, through his Apas Dharana(taking the form of space or dissolving into space), reach up the Akasa(space). When fierce gales arise splintering up the rocks to pieces, he would be in the Akasa through Agni Dharana(dissolving into fire or increasing the temperature of his body to very high degree). When the world together with the Mahameru would be under water, he would float on them through Vayu (air) Dharana(make himself as light as air).

25. Consumption of meat and wine  was under practice amongst the Brahmins for a very long time, it was until when Sukracharya (the teacher or guru of the Asuras or demons)cursed himself and his community(of Brahmins), to completely avoid meat and wine in their diet. Because, it was due to consumption of wine he lost his senses and ate the meat of his own favorite disciple Kachha.
The story:   when there was a war between the gods and the demons, the demons who were dead during the war were brought back to life by their Guru Sukracharya, who used the Sanjeevani Manthra, due to this the demons turned more powerful than the gods, the gods were getting tiresome fighting and hence decided to learn the Sanjeevani mathra which only Sukra knew, to whom Shiva taught out of  special affection, but made misuse of that, the gods then decided to send Brihaspathi’s son Kachha, Brihaspathi was the guru or teacher of Devas or gods who was Sukra’s enemy and yet came forward to teach him the sanjeevani manthra using which the dead could be brought back to life, during the process of learning a few lessons which even his father Brihaspathi, the teacher of gods, was unaware of, he was sent by his father with a recommendation to Sukra. But he had him under various tests after passing which he was been accepted by him and greed to teach him the rarest of Vidyas or lessons, he was so devoted that made him Sukra’s favorite student. Learning this, that Kachha who belong to the group of gods who have planned a strategy against the demons, planned to kill him by making various pieces and fed him to the wolves, Devayani a very stubborn child of Sukracharya  who had fell in love with him was worried, as Kachha hadn’t returned home even after sunset
Forced her dad to look out for him. Having learnt that he was fed to the wild wolves, he then chanted the Sanjeevani manthra and the pieces flesh in the stomachs of the wolves came out tearing apart the wolves and came back to life. The rakshas or demons did not want to commit the same mistake again, and hence the second time when he was killed half of his body was cooked and the second half was burnt to ashes and mixed in wine. Sukracharya was invited for a supper and was served his meat and he also did drink the wine. Worried Devayani of the non-return of Kachha again forced her father to use his knowledge to use the divine sight to see where he was after having learnt that he was in his own stomach, was confused what to do.
But couldn’t ignore his daughter’s request as she was very stubborn to be convinced.
He then taught her the sanjeevani mathra, and he too chanted the same for bringing Kachha back to life, he came out ripping apart Sukra. Devayani again chanted the Manthra and brought her father back to life, as the manthra was heard by more than 6 ears, the manthra turned inactive and could not be used again( a few vedic manthras  are restricted to be heard by more than 2 ears). Repenting for his mistake Sukra cursed the entire community of his (apparently Brahmins) and the teaching faculty of Vedas in India, that consumption of meat and wine was a taboo to them all.

26. Avathars of Vishnu like Jagan mohini, Vrishabh, Vyasa, Srinivasa and many more are deleted from the list of dashavathars to slot in Budhha as one of his incarnation, which actually is not right.

27.Alexader the great was gifted many vedic texts and many hindu scholars were also traded, who then later was of a great inspiration to many scientists like Socrates, plato etc.

28. Did anyone notice this?
Most of the biblical events resemble the puranas of India.
When Krishna was born to make sure that the child was dead the king ordered to kill all the kids under 5yrs of age the same happens when Jesus was born.
When the king Kamsa was turning overwhelmingly victorious a  voice from the sky (aakashavaani)mentions his death, to occur by the hands of  an 8th born and again the jewish king faces the same scenario and much more
The child(Krishna)  is then taken to a safe place and guess what? This too is  the same scenario in case of Jesus. Though  there are many proofs, after a few researches state that Jesus converted himself to  Buddhism at his age of 33, survived crucification and escaped from there to live in India for the rest of his life and lived for 82yrs. One main proof of jesus escaping the crucification is the incident of a soldier trying to pierce a spade or a spear to see if Jesus was dead after few hours of his death during sunset, and is mentioned in all the gospels that he bleeded
The question here is how could a corpse bleed? This proves that he was still alive when many declared him dead.
As mentioned in all the gospels that the body of  Jesus vanished or disappeared and Jesus reached Heaven for good.
How can anyone enter Heaven with a worldly possession, how pious or divine, body for that matter, which was given by the god himself, is not allowed in heaven for how much ever beloved could the person be to god.
Blindly saying that he was god or a messenger of god wouldn’t give it a stand to itself as a point, when other godly men like Rama, Krishna and many others had to leave their bodies behind to reach Heaven when these the cloned forms of gods, most powerful, god themselves were no different or an exception to a few rules.

29. Applying Maskara, eye shades of different colours, eyebrow shaping, hair dressing  and styling  like  Hair curling and platting  were actually done by men in India and Egypt.
Which is now  reserved for women only.

30. Shakthi pooja is very powerful, when offered prayers to her, when in the form of yoni or vagina and the milky ocean in which Lord Vishnu has made his abode is actually the Milky way Galaxy.

31.Velankai  or Limonia Acidissima was given to lusty men who couldn’t control their sexual desires and met more women each day, velankai can bring down the levels of testosterone  levels there by reducing their libido.

32.Thiripathri or peyiveratti  is a natural paranormal detector, is used in Ayurveda for medication too, the fact which startles about this plant is, the leaves ,when fresh or dry can be used as a wick in lamps its got tendency to absorb oil in the lamp n hold in its veins and functions as a regular wick and yes these fresh green leaves are flammable too. Try to get one of these, it’s a paranormal detector used in remote villages of south-India where Tantra even now is practiced. Get a lamp fill it with oil, put one of these leaves in it just as we use a cotton wick, half immersed and half  hung out to be lit, if there are any negative forces in the place where you try to light it, it won’t catch fire, but when the same is lit in any other place like temples or houses with divine environment will surely lighten up this wick.
32.Male Snakes are gifted with 2 reproductive organs, as snakes are one of the those reptiles highly subjected to assails by other species thus nature has gifted male snakes with 2 penises. While the mating season of snakes arrive the male snakes have to prove their worth by brawling with another male snake to copulate with snake of opposite sex during this grapple there are chances of it losing a penis thus is granted with another. Because the cycle of nature depends on reproduction, so it’s a boon to the cursed clan for being attacked the most.

Untold facts of Puranas and history: part-1

Please feel free to comment or correct me if am wrong.

Did you know?
1.The Ashvini Devathas who were the sons(twins) of sun and were the vedic devathas, solar deities as swift as light and also known as god of lights were actually atlanteans.
Yes they were basically from Atlanta out of which one was a great physician and the other a beautician they had the boon of coveting everlasting youth and beauty
Using stem cells and self multiplying anti-oxidants  which is new to us and unknown and they were also known for their handsomeness and fair complexion.

2.Lord Shiva, he who survives by consuming more of animal and human flesh, is actually a weapon designer, he designed weapons using laser and many other technologies unknown to man till date. He actually invented a very high intensity laser beamed light discus called sudharshan chakra which was later won by Vishnu after performing sever penance which later made him very powerful, without which he was a normal human being as others. He also deisgned weapons like trishul which had  a purpose when being pierced in any portion of the body would simultaneously  affect the functioning of the adjoining organs and would sometimes paralyze the person. He not only designed all this but many more like so called Khadga which was designed using  an alloy called (Hitthale in kannada, pithhalai in tamil) Bronze with the percentage of iron and Aluminum increased, which is available even today in some parts of india(this metal starts emitting poison which when  being used as a vessel and filled with water or liquid of any kind, left over for days)and thus this was made use in weaponry for destruction with very little resources, the khadga was soaked overnight for days in the same water for a poisonous coat to form over its surface.
He also designed a  counch which would generate a high frequency sound wave, loud enough to bleed the ears of foes and could kill insects in that vicinity.

3.Varuna the god of all water bodies like sea, rivers, lakes etc was actually a jewellery designer and was considered the best in giving the feminish touch to the designs and choosing right stones he was rated higher than the Devanga- who designed clothes for gods.

4. Vishwakarma a cloned form of Shiva who gets to marry devi Gayathri was an interior decorator and a brilliant architect who had the ability to build huge Buildings in one night and use materials like reflectors , glass, weapons and other stuffs for automated home security and substances which would generate laser beam  with frequency high enough to bear human weight, which inturn was used as stairs and bridges in the house, sound proof metallic ceilings and walls, light weighted steel plates used as elevators etc.

5.Ravan, the rakshas of Ramayan was a frequent visitor of Australia who had all his weapons being tested,trailed,designed and hidden there, for his warfare. Before his possession of Australia or asthralaya, it was actually the weapon storage of devathas which he after an attack acquired for his own usage. He was the first puranic character who used Thorium
As an explosive during wars.

6.people quite powerful,  knowledged and capable( to react, respond and reflect  in a limited time span) inclusive of  extra physical  growth were considered special. Like Shiva with 3rd eye, Agni with an extra leg , multiple heads , multiple hands etc

7.Technologies for non surgical transplants and implants  did exist.

8.DNAs  of  animals and human were fused and experimented to witness the result.

9.Draupadi, the daughter of Agni was a very special Puranic character  because she was the only Indo-tibetan  woman with sharp features and dark complexioned.  She is believed to be an avatar of Durga(some say Swarga Lakshmi, Goddess  of heaven), she was so powerful and yet was so down toward, she once tried to kill her own husbands for having bid her in gambling without her knowledge and it was Krishna who stopped her from doing that and yet considered a pathivratha or a woman of chastity. This shows that pathivratha is not being loyal, downtoward and a loving spouse alone, it completely changes the idea of pathivratha that we had.

10. Ashwathama son of dronacharya was sent to gulf countries by Krishna and lived there forever and is believed to be still alive and visits India even today after the death of Krishna.

11.the Mayans are believed to be the santathi (successors)or those born to lord Vishwakarma who migrated to America long ago which is being mentioned in puranas, and that’s how their prediction was close to that of the Indians, the Mayans and Indians almost have the same way of Astrological prediction and science. For example Indian astrological science speaks of change in the velocity of motion in Jupiter  after 2012or 2013 as in case of Mayans, which COULD be a reason of mass destruction.

12. lord Shiva lives in Himalayas the snow capped mountains to dissipate the heat generated in his body.

13. Buddha is actually not an avatar of Vishnu. He was a prince for sure but, ws considered special because he sacrificed  a life which many craved for.
 Buddha in his previous birth was  a very cruel and vicious man who at his final stage of life repented for what he was and tried to be good, the only good things that he did in his life was to free a pair of bulls from a person who used them in his cart and helped an old lady who was carrying firewood on her way back home. After he expired was taken to hell and was asked, for which of his deeds, would he like to enjoy the benefits of , The good or the bad?
It was Narad who had the knowledge of what was he going to be in his next life steered him with a strategy to ask for his results of good first, for which he was sent to swarga or Heaven, where he participated in a Yagna or sacrifice for the gods which was held once in a 1000yrs time, due to which his punya or “the good deeds” kept multiplying for every second he spent there helping the gods, scared of this Yama had to summon him back to Hell and gave him 2 options: 1. of suffering in hell and later  settle in heaven forever OR 2.he could take another birth wash away his sins by living without any support or luxury inclusive of shame and difficulty and he also couldn’t own a thing of his own. He chose the second one. 
And surely must mention about this, a doubt a controversy that people rise with, due to misconceptions, is thatat Hanuman the celebate or Askhalitha Bramhachari has a spouse named Swarchala devi and also Swamy Dattatreya's spouse is known to Anagha. The fact is that these were the female forms of their powers stacked within they represent purity, they are not literally spouses but were to represent that male and female forces are equally important to make a source of power complete. In other terms they were female forms of their own identity.

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Safe south india…

King of Dravidian India Sathyavratha who prays  to god everyday in the river kruthamala which is in Madurai now called Thuvari maan, who was selected to immigrate to next Yuga after pralaya, he and saptha rishis wait for the boat which is tied to a fish an incarnation of Vishnu by Vasuki. The matsya or fish carries the boat in water for 1000 chaturyugas  which is 1 night of bramha’s sleeping time.

Science: The northern region of India(just above Karnataka, moving upwards towards Himalayan range, also ”punya bhoomi” or the land of punya or good deeds) have a base of rock layer called the soft rocks, which are spread all over the globe except but a few areas which include “South India”, the area below the northern India, this peninsula shaped Deccan plateau  has a rock layered base of “nice rocks” which are comparatively more harder than the soft rocks and when being explored was found, the age of these rocks were 3crore years.
These “Nice rocks” are so strong that they have been escaping the natural calamities for such a long period that their existence still prevails with their history recorded in the vedic and puranic instances.
This matches the biblical concept of “Noah’s ark”, which was a facsimile of the same incident, has been a significant occurrence after every yuga and has been a  terminating incident of each yuga. This alone explains the life span of the peninsula region which is so called the “karma bhoomi”or the land of karma.

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VImanas and achievements of Vedic Hindukush-part3

Vimanas -part2

The construction of shakuna vimana is as shown:
'Shakuna Vimana' described in the text 'might be defined as a cross between a plane and a rocket of our times and its design might remind one of today's Space Shuttle.'  Quoting from 'Vymanika Shastra' he said the ancient flying devices of India were made from special heat absorbing metals named 'Somaka, Soundalike and Mourthwika used to convert solar energy to electric energy of dynamic type.
This sketch was based on the vedic texts:

 The 3D image of the same;

This Vimana is believed to be constructed not only on the basis of vimanika shastra but also on Shakuna shasthra and samudrika lakshana shasthra.
Here shown is a Vimana desired by many rakshasa kings and the devathas called tripura vimana which was 3 stroried.

And finally the most amusing Vedic vimana which resembles the famous 3sided triangular based pyramidal shaped UFO, of alien  mostly found during their invasions 
is being mentioned in the vedas with their construction too.(courtesy from  the site mentioned above).

What more can we expect from the vedas to provide us?
Scientists of today who take days together to calculate and confirm a phenomena in nature was just calculated in minutes(even those which could occur years later) by vedic astrologers.
The actual scripts that we now how at present does not contribute to even 15 of the actual number of scripts we had. even after a few were given as gifts (Arthashatra, Kautilya shastrhra etc and many other scripts secretly were sent away to Greece)to Alexander by the Indian King Chandragupta,there were enough manuscripts left in Takshashila or Taxila, which were burnt down for 1 continuous year, i.e.  for more than 360 days, heaps of vedas and other manuscripts were burnt down to ashes. If we could just imagine, that if these left overs could provide such great information, what would the heaps have had to contribute to us?.

Vimanas and other achievements of vedic Hindukush or India- part1

Feeling proud of the Indians and their contribution to the world of science,
though westerners and our own people have made fun of the vedic base of our country would now probably repent for their so called inventions, which were made my people so early with very less resources. we might credit those who might have brought about a change in the world and society by their inventions which they deserve but to their knowledge and a few there's much to know that history repeats and these latest technologies of ours is late to our ancestors.
so a few in here to surprise you.


King Harishchandra  had an aerial or flying city called “Saubha” and the pilot who had the knowledge to fly was called “Saubhika”. People of those days even used the seven kinds of mirror and lenses installed aboard for defensive and offensive uses. The so-called 'Pinjula Mirror' offered a sort of 'visual shield' preventing the pilots from being blinded by 'evil rays' and the weapon 'Marika' used to shoot enemy aircraft 'does not seem too different from what we today called laser technology,' in their construction of vimanas. The height at which these were flown are measured in terms of krosa(1krosa=4000ft). These were built for normal people whereas amarangasuthradhara were more like rockets built for gods like Bramha, Vishnu, Indra etc  to travel long distances.
 A few Vehicles mentioned in rig veda:
       Jalayan - a vehicle designed to operate in air and water.
·         Kaara- a vehicle that operates on ground and in water.
·         Tritala- a vehicle consisting of three stories.
·         Trichakra Ratha - a three-wheeled vehicle designed to operate in the air.
·         Vaayu Ratha- a gas or wind-powered chariot.
             Vidyut Ratha- a vehicle that operates on power.
It was the use of Vimanas as space transportation systems that might have the clue as to why there is no physical evidence of these ancient aerospace vehicles.
          The Atlanteans, known as "Asvins" (The Horse faced twins called the Ashwini devathas)in the Indian writings, were apparently even more advanced technologically than the Indians.  They possessed Vailixi, similar to Vimanas, that were generally "cigar shaped" and had the capability of maneuvering underwater as well as in the atmosphere or even outer space. Other flight vehicles were saucer shaped, and could apparently travel submerged. It is recorded that between 12000 to 15,000 years ago, nations deploying Vimanas in space with lethal weapons were locked in a global war that destroyed almost all of human life and property on planet earth. Clinching archeological evidence to this effect has also been found. Thus, the weaponization of space should not be allowed to happen again.
Though at times there were “Dolis” or “pallakkis”  (a carriage carried by 4 men in which people and their possessions were being made to occupy the space of a canopy covered with wooden planks and silk screens) which were also being mentioned as Vimanas to clear these confusions here are a few examples mentioned with their constructions, though we have lost the information of a lot more vimanas we here stand with a few now obtained.
Pushpaka vimana:

'An aerial chariot, the Pushpaka, conveys many people to the capital of Ayodhya. The sky is full of stupendous flying-machines, dark as night, but picked out by lights with a yellowish glare.' The Vedas, ancient Hindu poems, thought to be the oldest of all the Indian texts, describe Vimanas of various shapes and sizes: the 'ahnihotravimana' with two engines, the 'elephant-vimana' with more engines, and other types named after the kingfisher, ibis and other animals.
 So here is the famous Rukma Vimana:(courtesy from the site INDIAN VIMANAS)

Cloning in Puranas

In Puranic literature one speaks of Daksha who was asked by the Supreme to procreate living creatures. He is said to have produced ten thousand sons by cloning his own cells (and some say that these 10,000 were cloned from a single son he procreated) who were called "Hayashvas" (Joyful Horses). These may be regarded as the first recorded instances of human clones since all the children are said to have been perfectly identical. But they all became ascetics. This happened again. The third time Daksha initiated physical procreation, and his wife Ashini gave birth to sixty daughters. Of these thirteen were married to a divine personage named Kashyapa. In this view, then, every being in the world is an offspring of Kashyapa and Daksha's thirteen daughters.
Cloning (avathar):  the avathar  or incarnation of Vishnu or other gods like Shakthi (kali, durga etc). In Shiv purana there is a story wherein Parvathi who initially would be very dark in complexion, will fall in love with Shiva and performs tapas(penance) and finally she wishes to get rid of her dark complexion, hence she draws the melanin from  her skin and from the melanin she drew Kali was being born.
Similarly when Vishnu decides to descend on earth to restore dharma he himself is not born, a cell of his which is compared to an atom of him, where him being the source is cloned to produce a character very much of his kind who possess those qualities, which is expected  for a divinely being  to possess for the accomplishment of a deed, to restore dharma. Thus, each of his avatars have got percentage variations, when compared with the source(Vishnu) and are rated in terms of kalas.
Though these sound fictional, the detailed procedural process is being mentioned in the Vedas (as, how to clone) which are much advanced than the recent technology in use but, we make use of natural products instead of chemicals, would probably make it sound more fictional.
the percentage of resemblance or the accuracy of duplicity of the cloned product with the actual donor of DNA was rated in accordance to the 16 kalas in the case of the heavenly creatures but this 16 kalas may vary in the case of humans and earthly beings. This is done by first putting the donor under test to gain (knowledge regarding or ) reports of the donor. 
Below mentioned are the Kalas:


Five Kalas like 
1) Anna Maya (with cereals), 
2) Pranamaya (with breath), 
3) Mano Maya (with mind), 
4) Vigyanamaya (with knowledge of science) and
5) Anandamaya (with joy) are present in every human being. 
With little effort, humans can perfect in three more kalas - 
6) Atishayini, 
7) Viparinabhimi and 
8) Sankramini. 
The other remaining eight Kalas are 
9) Prabhvi. 
10) Kunthini, 
11) Vikasini, 
12) Maryadini, 
13) Sanhaladini, 
14) Ahladini, 
15) Paripurna and  
16) Swarupavasthit
Where Krishna was a complete avatar with 16 kalas and rama wasn’t as he was just of 12 and thus were their complexions accordingly, having all the 16 is being 100 percent and so on. The  priority of shakthis according to their complexion:

Pranava or Black hole

The Big Bang Theory in accordance to vedic science of the universe, is the origin which was once the end. This is a recurring cycle, the cycle of universe completely depends on the big bang theory which we call the “Pranava” or “Aum kaara”. According to science if there was no air sound waves could not propogate, and hence there was no sound in space except but those sounds which are of very high frequency and which do not need a medium to  propagate those kind of frequencies are so high that its range is much higher to guess even. But it is only the pranava which can be heard in space inclusive of Deva-raagam         (a music which can be heard at the time before bramha muhurtham that is from 2 to 4 in the morning, in complete silence) the pranava manthram is heard with a very high explosion of the black hole “with a sound, aum” which emits a light of very high intensity.

To read if necessary :

The concept of black hole {Formation of a Black Hole:Imagine a star which is much more massive than our sun, and which has a mass, called the critical mass, which is large enough to cause a black hole to form. What keeps this star from collapsing onto itself and becoming a black hole? The answer is that there is an intense pressure caused by nuclear reactions within the sun. When the fuel that feeds the nuclear reactions gets used up the massive star cannot support itself anymore. It then collapses to form a black hole.  It is interesting to note that when a black hole is formed by a collapsing star it is actually impossible to watch the final steps of the formation of the black hole from a stationary external reference frame. An external reference frame is a place where one watches the formation of the black hole from far away, like an astronomer on Earth. In addition, it is impossible to see any object fall into a black hole. This is not to say that everything appears to freeze just before entering a black hole. As an object falls into a black hole it gets increasingly dimmer and dimmer from the point of view of an outside observer. By the time an object gets to the edge of a black hole, it will be completely black. This effect, called a gravitational redshift, is caused by the immense gravity near the outside of a black hole.}

  [Interesting fact: If you get close enough to a black hole you will see the back of your own head! This effect, called an Einstein ring, is caused by the intense gravity around a black hole. When you are near a black hole at certain distances the light that leaves from the back of your head will travel though space that is bent so much by gravity that it will enter your eyes.]

As mentioned above it won’t let even the light to escape its gravity is so high that it starts absorbing the heavenly bodies around it. We Indians consider (or associate to be much precise) this phenomenon in the universe as the union or the sexual intercourse of shiva shakthi. We consider the black hole as the genital organ(vagina) of shakthi and the substances absorbed by it, to be the semen of Shiva we call this process the “big crunch” in scientific terms which is the span during which shiva ‘s semen is passed into the vagina of shakthi(this was explained in shiva purana and shakthi purana that the yoni(the female sex organ) of shakthi appears in space  to  absorb the heat being generated in Shiva due to his sexual urge and absorbs the seeds to bring down the level of destruction caused due to his heat and stabilize the universe but, some say she appeared in theform of kundalini (a serpent coiled) and puranas of the maximum % explains the same as former). After this occurs shakthi gives birth to new heavenly bodies with a bang or sound of very high frequency range “aum”. This is called the Big bang  or the “pranava manthra”. This is considered divine, this was the origin of all. This cycle repeats causing the universe to expand but the starting point is not known as to which occurred first is it either the big bang or the big crunch, but we believe that shiv and shakthi being the origin of all their intercourse should be the only reason for the origin of all the heavenly bodies in the universe hence the pranava or the bigbang is consider the initial  incident. Here is the cycle :

                                                           Read if necessary:
(Its believed that: three basic attributes/forces – satva, rajasa and tamasa. During brahma ratri, these forces remain in a balanced state. After the big bang, the three forces get realigned to form elementary particles called Mahat or Aapah, which combine further to form other basic particles, atoms and so on.

Hindu scriptures this is further subdivided as below:
1 Kalpa
1000 Chaturyugis

14 Manvantars + Buffer Periods of 6 Chaturyugis
1 Manvantar
71 Chaturyugis
1 Chaturyugi
4,320,000 years)
Of the 14 manvantars mentioned, the universe expands for the first seven, and contracts for the next seven and at last the unviverse collapses when this was what told by the Indians to the world of science people denied the same by not acknowledging it but now when they observed that the distance between the galaxies increasing they later agreed by calling it a discovery made by them, anyways we have proven that the universe is expanding which is mentioned in both hindu and Islamic philosophy but hindus continue saying that it would compress for which we have to wait if it might occur or not, and its is believed that there are much more universes along with ours. And the thrimurthies involve themselves in creating one more as 1 of those collapses.