Sunday, September 27, 2009

6. Medical Science & Technology In Indian Myth & Vedas...

Too many people have doubts about the beliefs Hindus had, regarding earth, that they believed that the earth was flat:

Accordingly, that was not what they believed in, but instead they had lot of stories and puranas depicting that earth was a globe, for instance we said:

1. ParashuRama went around the earth 21 times killing all the kshatreya men to avenge his father’s death. “To go around the earth”, this could have been told only if the “earth” was believed to be a globe.

2. In another purana varaha murthy(an avathar of vishnu) carries bhoomi in between his tusks in his incarnation of a wild boar, the “earth” was been rescued who was in the form of globe, who once was thrown down into a very large water body by hiranyaaksha a demon and simultaneously fights with the demon while having earth in between his tusks and I don’t think varaha could have carried Bhoomi in between his tusks and simultaneously fight if it was flat (common sense).

3. We use the word “bhoo gola” to define the solid structure of earth which means, a globe.
This delusional idea of the earth being assumed to be flat was after people started invading India and forcefully imposed their beliefs on Indians. Which or-else would have been better undisturbed.

To be continued...

2 comments: said...

Indians already know Earth is round which is already described in Hindu Vedas.

There was a confussion for the west where they believed in the beginning that the earth is flat in past. They have now come to a conclussion after finding a telescope, Rockets and etc..

Hindu ancient humans had all those invented long back and have written many scientific studys and future prediction in Vedas.

We have seen in our movies in 80's with ancient and stories of history describing and using many innovations.

vriksh said...

hi getit,
what was the point u tried to make?
The matter u typed was rich in irrelevance than to convey something useful.
by the way your comment on the movies of 1980s was highly stupid,
movies are ideas of people and illustrations of what they believe which can be manipulated anytime,
speaking about movies regarding puranas and vedas is for someone who's heading a start.
dude.. grow up!!!
its time for u to read some realtime books,
moreover it was a few puranas like gana purana and varaha purana which speaks of world being flat, which later was being rolled like a mat and was thrown into the sea by an asura.
but the rest disagree by projecting their ideas of earth being spherical.
though indians themselves were confused of a few terms and facts of science, the max believed in earth being spherical.
untill the invasion of the british and other westerners who imposed their religious beliefs on us.
try to make a point which is valid and informative or the better way is to read the blog and augment your knowledge on the same, than typing nonsense.
i think u need to work on your linguistic base, bcause ur killing it dude.. honestly...!
so dear "Get it"
I think u "Got it"!!!