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5. Medical Science & Technology In Indian Myth & Vedas...


In Puranic literature one speaks of a certain Daksha who was asked by the Supreme to procreate living creatures. He is said to have produced ten thousand sons by cloning his own cells (and some say that these 10,000 were cloned from a single son he procreated) who were called "Hayashvas" (Joyful Horses). These may be regarded as the first recorded instances of human clones since all the children are said to have been perfectly identical. But they all became ascetics. This happened again. The third time Daksha initiated physical procreation, and his wife Ashini gave birth to sixty daughters. Of these thirteen were married to a divine personage named Kashyapa. In this view, then, every being in the world is an offspring of Kashyapa and Daksha's thirteen daughters.

Cloning (avathar): the avathar or incarnation of Vishnu or other gods like Shakthi (kali, durga etc). In Shiv purana there is a story wherein parvathi who initially would be very dark in complexion, will fall in love with Shiva and performs tapas(penance) and finally she wishes to get rid of her complexion, hence she draws the melanin from her skin and from the melanin she drew kali was being born.

Similarly when Vishnu decides to descend on earth to restore dharma he himself is not born, a cell of his which is compared to an atom of him, where him being the source is cloned to produce a character very much of his kind who possess those qualities, which is expected for a divinely being to possess for the accomplishment of a deed, to restore dharma. Thus, each of his avatars have got percentage variations, when compared with the source(Vishnu) and are rated in terms of kalas.

Though these sound fictional, the detailed procedural process is being mentioned in the Vedas (as, how to clone) which are much advanced than the recent technology in use but, we make use of natural products instead of chemicals.

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