Sunday, September 6, 2009

How does the color of milk change when poured on an Idol?

A temple very famous in Tamilnadu in a place called Thirunageshwaram, and is known as the Rahusthalam, which bestows Rahu as the main deity, an idol of a seven hooded snake which bestows a lingam, which is the emphasizing factor of the miracle which occurs here. When there is milk poured on the idol(the main deity), the milk surpassing the lingam turns blue and again is turned normal after crossing the vicinity of the same.

This miracle occurs every time you pour the milk on it, and to our astonishment this miracle is ensued only when the milk is poured. This probably is because of the atomic structure of the stone and a few more characteristics and the molecular structure of the milk with its factor of viscosity would together play to endorse this act of astonishment, which can absorb a reflect back only a certain specific frequency of sunrays (sun rays has light of different frequencies like UV, IR etc) where each of these frequencies endorse wide range of colors, for this to happen I personally think that, even the factor of the idol being positioned is quite important. Though we come out with lot of scientific explanations we also know that at times science fail, because if we think it’s the paleness of the milk, then to our amuse this works on nothing else which is white in color.

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