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The Startling Secrets in each Shakthi Peet...

According to the myth the Shakthi Peets are found, to trace back to the history of era, 17,28,000 years ago. During which the son of Brahma, Daksha Prajapathi didn’t invite Shiva for which Dakshayini burnt herself as we all know. Out of which Shiva overwhelmed with Shakthi’s death was mentally depressed, hung her body on his Trishul (Trident) and started wandering. Due to the stinkiness of the corpse, (and the unfinished job of Shiva) the Devathas were worried and asked for Vishnu’s help, who stealthily went behind Shiva and started slaying Shakthi’s body into pieces and peets were formed in places where these pieces fell. Hence the Shakthi Peets had their origin, where a few of them are not known yet as to where exactly are they situated till date.
A few things about Shakthi Peet :

The ornament called Ottiyanam used to cover the stomach including the waist was believed to have fallen in Kanchipuram, where the goddess is seen in the form of Annapoorneshwari and there are myth saying that this place was a significant one for Parvathi as she tried to restore the respect of Kamadev after the incident of him being burnt by Shiva. She also endorsed his act of having generated a feel or thirst for sex in Shiva by shooting an arrow at him for him to get attracted to Parvathi, by holding the sugarcane of Kama which he used as bow to shoot the arrows of love, lust etc. Here she poses as Annapoornaeshwari (as even as Annapoornaeshwari has sugarcane in her hand). The soil of this place is experimented to know the fact it endorses the cultivation of sugarcane better than any other vegetation
The Jaffna Devi or Shaankari or the Indrakshi temple in Sri Lanka is a fact of contradiction as some say that it was her anklets, but some say that it was her hands which fell here. When the Portuguese ships were landed in the coasts of Lanka the temple was being destroyed and left with nothing but a pillar. And hence they were being cursed of not being successful in any of their missions which people think was the reason for them unable to perish and sustain long as the East India Company of the British and many other countries who started invading different countries to establish their supremacy. It is also believed that Parvathi cursed Ravan for taking away her land of dreams(which was completely of gold) and thus cursed him saying that the coasts of the island will shrink every year and is observed that it does shrink 15mm an year. She also cursed that there will never be peace in that place and it is thus believed that the occurrence of violence in Srilanka is the reason of her curse.

There are 2 Shakthi Peets in Pakistan : one being the most famous Mahishmardhini temple.

The other would be the Hingula temple near the eastern part of Pakistan near Afghanisthan. Where the Bramharandhra part of Shakthi had fallen which not many do know or consider as one of the Shakthi Peet. The Gandhara nerve which runs across the Shasrara Chackra near Bramharandhra over the forehead part of skull near the eyes, has found to gain energy in this place, but scientifically the area is situated is, in a position where the factors like the longitude, latitude and the inclination of the globe are aligned in such a position, that the rays of the sun of a specific wavelength is received in this area which has the capability to energize the Gandhara nerve (according to yogic science the temperature and the angle of incident sun rays, along with the chemical levels of a body impacts the functioning of Gandhara nerve). The Gandhara nerve is one which contains a fluid moving in a certain speed in accordance to its viscosity which when delayed or flows with a speed more than the normal, affects the eyesight of a pupil as short or long sight respectively. Hence the incident sunray with a particular frequency in this place dominates the rest of the factors for the Gandhara to function normally and stabilizes it, which people think is a miracle of the place which when visited can help them overcome the defiant eye sight.
The Ghandhara’s of Mahabharath had their origin in this place. They were believed to have very good eye sight and a powerful one. The queen of Dhrithrashtra, who blind fold herself as she did not want to see the world which her spouse couldn’t, she gave up her vision for her spouse which gandharas considered was a boon to them it was so powerful that she once disclosed her eyes just once to see her son naked so that he wouldn’t be killed by any physical torment because her eyesight had the power to energise a body and bring about an immunity towards anything and her brother Shakuni had the power to command the dice to yield the result he desired just by his eye sight and will power some say but some say that it was a promise to him by his brothers that their bones from which the dices where made of, would always result according to his wish hence was the power of gandhara vamsha’a eye sight . Thus she was given a very respectful position as a chastitised woman. The Gandharas made use of a unique style in construction and decoration called the Gandhara style of art, which later prevailed till the period of Chandragupta Mayura’s rule.

There is another temple near orissa, where the genital organ (vagina) of Shakthi is believed to have fallen. This temple subsists on Kamgiri where the Goddess Kamakhya is situated in. here a wonder happens every year, that is, every 5 days in a year the temple would be closed by covering the Moolmurthi of Shakthi with a cloth, and nobody would be let in, for those 5 days. This is done because of the menstrual cycle (that occurs every month to a woman as the disposition from her womb is excreted along with the ovaries) and after 5 days of span when the temple is again opened the cloth left on the Shakthi roop would be covered in blood(which we call dispositions of the womb). During these days shakthi or devi Kamakhya represents bhoomi or earth, who disposes her menstural discharge on these days,Which again is a miracle for which people are dumbstruck and couldn’t explain as to how does this miracle occur, leaving man clueless except but, making him think about the existence of a supernatural power beyond the limits of real world, which we think is real.

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