Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vedas not made use...!

The Brahmins of today, almost all, do not understand that Vedas are not just to be recited but, instead should be understood. We have lot many information which remains veiled and are wasted. We have the construction of airplanes (of solar energy), submarines, ships, manaschlith vaahan (a vehicle which can move as fast as our mind), we have the generation of electricity and answers for most of the question that science could not. All it needs is a perfect translation, as we have lost most of the important books which bore information found nowhere, to different countries and creed of people who invaded India and were being forced to be educated in English by Britishers, which later became mandatory and lost our original form of education and are behind something which teaches us nothing but sustains us in a state of duality when shot with a question.

Yes I do agree, that it’s quite difficult to translate them and adjoin them with their proper match, as the design, construction procedure, materials to be used and the way to use is all mentioned in four different Vedas, but to get them together and to experiment on them, for it to result in success needs time, patience and knowledge. But to make use of what we have is not tough… one of our technologies is as shown below:

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