Sunday, September 6, 2009

Only Men to Scholar Vedas & not Women. Why??

Why were only men sent to scholar Vedas in gurukuls and the reason for women not being allowed to chant Vedas?

The Vedas were mainly learnt by men, and women were advised to learn Vedas only if they were stubborn, adamant, living without principles and if were svairinis (these are homosexual women or lesbians). The reason being the Vedas itself, because the Vedas contained stories, illustrations, explanations and codes which explained the way to live(without ego),what to do? and what not to do, the knowledge of life, how to lead a life? and why to?. The only thing they try to highlight is selflessness and to renounce ego which was the primal factor. Hence these were asked to learn by men who possessed more ego and very high percentage of Svairinis who had all the qualities of a man. People now a days just recite them for money, which nobody understands that Vedas needed to be understood and not just to recite.

So, looking into the subject of why a woman was not advised to recite, (to highlight: one had to learn Vedas to overcome the ego or selfcenterness that he/she had). But, a woman when married she not only renounces her ego, selfcenterness, she also looses herself and her thoughts of one’s self. She always would have her thoughts, mind and soul functioning pertaining to her husband and kids, in accordance to their likes and dislikes (food or anything that she prepares for them), a lot of sacrifices are done by her just for the happiness of her loved ones, which provide no space for ego, there exists no ego as she completely forgets about self in a play called family, hence there was no need for women to study Vedas (so they didn’t have to and it wasn’t like that they shouldn’t). This later turned out to be a misconception that women should not recite or practice Vedas and were not allowed to recite, even without knowing the reason, which make people feel that it was one of the superstitions we had. Women could learn Vedas if they were Savirinis, being manly and a person of a very arrogant character( there are proofs of Svairinis who are believed to have performed great yagnas like Maha Kali, Roudra Kali, Jwalaothpanna Lalitha yagnas which even men couldn’t) and also similarly men were asked to learn if they weren’t Klibas (homosexual men).

If women were pregnant they weren’t allowed to stand in the vicinity of yagna kund where the Vedas were being recited, because of the fear of powerful sound waves being generated which is fatal to both fetus and the mother if she was weak. This was experimented by directing the sound waves produced by reciting Vedas and Manthras, towards a pregnant cat, which later was found dead including the fetus.

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