Sunday, September 27, 2009


Rangoli in Indian culture had a special significance, rangoli was asked to draw using the flour ,by all the women, ahead of their threshold (entrance of their abode) not as a purpose of decorating the place where they dwell, but this practice had a reason which not many till date understand. This was asked to do because, by doing so the micro-organisms and very small species like ants will be fed, whom at-times we stab, ruin their routine and cause damage to them, knowingly or unknowingly. To restore the value of humanity and as a token of our apology for at-times being the cause of their melancholy we indirectly feed them with what we can.

Rangoli now-a-days are painted and also are being drawn with eroded stone powders or stones being powdered which is so not recommended. Rangolis are not drawn to impress people but to feed a being which is in real need to quench its hunger, irrespective of what category of species they belong to and to apologize to them for the inconvenience we cause to them, (as every living being in this world irrespective of what ever they are, do, have the right to live. But, we kill them as we being dominant of all the species, thus we do owe an apology to them all) thus we give them what we can.

Now we have rangolis very colorful, as we mix a lot of colours with the flour we use, to draw. Which again is not advisory. In those days we used grains of different colours, pounded them to powder and these were used for making the rangoli colorful. There were petals of flowers and also vegetable and fruit chops used for colorful rangolis. The only main purpose was to make food available to those beings to whom we have been injust.

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