Sunday, September 27, 2009

4. Medical Science & Technology In Indian Myth & Vedas...

Artificial Insemination:

When Vishnu disguised himself as a beautiful maiden (Jagan mohini) to distract the Asuras from the divine nectar, which turns an individual immortal after consumption. Thus after bestowing victory to the devathas, everything ended happily, but an individual very desperate to have a sexual intercourse with the damsel he saw (Mohini) though he knew that vishnu was the one in disguise, that was none other than Shiva, neither did Vishnu disagree for his proposal. (Many have a misconception that vishnu gets converted into a woman which is so not true, but the actual fact is that, he still was a man though he was quenching the sexual urge of shiva (with a male reproductive organ) both Vishnu and Shiva were men Vishnu had just disguised and that’s the reason, semen of shiva’s does not enter the reproductive organ of Vishnu and thus when Shiva’s seeds were ejaculated, vaayu or pawan collected them and inseminated them artificially into Anjana’s womb who was performing penance, for a child) and gave birth to Hanuman. Here vaayu acts only as a doctor, of this era.

There are many other stories from mahabharath: That a king who went on hunting saw two deers mate and who couldn’t control himself and masturbates his semen out, who later did not want to waste his seed and hence he requests the birds to deliver it to his newly married wife, who then inseminates his seeds into her womb and gets pregnant.

A sage whose seeds will be shed on a lotus when he sexually gets excited, and thus when a princess visits the river bank to take bath, see the lotus floating towards her and thus when she attempts to inhale the fragrance of the flower the sage’s seed enter into her nose and reaches her womb, which gets her pregnant and later he himself marries the princess, and many such stories which speaks about artificial insemination.

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