Thursday, March 31, 2011

Should a girl not visit temples during her periodic cycles?

As every woman has periodic cycles or menstruation period so does the Earth or Boomadevi has, she is no different or an exception, Amavasya (new moon day) is when she has her periodic discharge(in the form of minute seismic waves under the sea or formation of new plates/ sabotage of existing plates). That’s when even the Chandra (Moon) shuts his eyes because he considers having a glimpse of it is an act of contempt. Hence this is a natural process created by God, if this doesn’t happen, a being is never considered a woman, she can never become a mother too, hence having conceptions like not touching them during their menstruation process or having them restricted  from entering temples is wrong. In that case none should touch Boomadevi too during Amavasya which occurs every 28 days of Hindu calendar.

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lolita ash said...

Absolutely right......