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Untold Stories From Puranas…

Aruna, (who was Garuda’s elder brother, whose body was half developed, as his mother out of curiosity broke open the shell of the egg she laid, in an early stage to see her son being half developed but quite attractive and with great luminosity became Surya's charioteer later) wanted to see the greatness of Indra's court & went there disguised as a woman. Indra was attracted to Aruna's beauty and had sex with him. So Vaali was born. Surya asked him why was he late and Aruna told what happened. Surya requested him to disguise as a woman again and had sex with him and hence Sugriva was born(in here “DISGUISED” meant being a man and had a makeover to portray a woman but people get confused with the term “TRANSFORM” (Devatas never transformed themselves)).

Narada again disguised himself as a beautiful woman. Krishna saw him and went out of control, had sex with him and they had 60 children though he knew it was Narada under the saree, but Narada didn’t ejaculate to maintain his Bramhacharya or celibacy. He knew whom he was having sex with. Many might wonder as how could a man and a man can give birth to a kid, which is possible even according to latest scientific technology, by taking chromosomes of the same sex partners either gays or lesbians, resulting in embryos composed genetically from both men or both women. This has been done in the puranic period, just to say how advanced were their technology.

Vishwakarma created Thilothama. Bramha who saw her was attracted to her beauty and wanted to have sex. She got scared and transformed herself into a deer and ran. Brahma caught her and raped her. Having seen this Vishvakarma feared that all the other gods who fought for Thilothama would do the same, hence he cursed her that her presence in a place would not last long, not more than a micro second.

One day Brahma was so horny, went around looking for someone to release his semen out for his body to cool. He found a female bear behind the bushes and had sex with it and hence Jambavanthaa was born.

Indra lusted Parishatha's wife Vabushtama. She refused his proposal. So when Parishatha conducted Aswamedha yaga, Indra killed the yagna horse, got into its body and had sex with Parishatha's wife. (In Aswametha yaga, the yagyakartha has to allow the yagna horse to behave as per its will though it might even attempt to perform a weirdest task against the yagya kartha’s will, as it is seen next to the king himself, it has got all the right that a king possess.)

During Ashwamedha yaga of Dashratha, a few snakes, birds, the horse, and aquatic animals -- were bound at the place of immolation; each was dedicated to a specific divinity as is set forth in the ritual texts. The priests then bound them all to the posts in the manner set forth in the ritual texts. Three hundred beasts in addition to Dasaratha’s jewel of a horse were bound there to the sacrificial posts. Kausalya (Rama’s mom) walked reverently all around the horse and then with the greatest joy cut it with three knives. Her mind unwavering in her desire for righteousness, Kausalya passed one night with the horse. The priests -- the Hotr, the Adhvaryu, and the Udgatr -- saw to it that the second and the junior most of the king’s wives, as well as his chief queen, were united with the horse. Then the officiating priest, who was extremely adept and held his senses in check, removed the fat of the horse and cooked it in the manner prescribed in the ritual texts. At the proper time and in accordance with the ritual prescriptions, the lord of men then sniffed the fragrance of the smoking fat, thereby freeing himself from sin. Then, acting in unison, the sixteen Brahman officiating priests threw the limbs of the horse into the fire, in accordance with the ritual injunctions. In other sacrifices, the oblation is offered upon branches of the Plaksa tree, but in the Horse Sacrifice alone the apportionment of the victim is made on a bed of reeds. The Horse Sacrifice is known as the Three-Day Rite; for both the Kalpasutra and the Brahmanas refer to the Horse Sacrifice as a rite lasting for three days.

Though this story is much weird and is against science or even the rules of nature, we have this, in one of our puranas that Brahma created Padma (Saraswati) and tried to seduce her. She refused him, so he raped her and made her pregnant. The Devas teased him for having sex with his own daughter. Brahma felt ashamed, inserted his penis into her womb again and took back his sperm. He was being cursed by this act by her own daughter that in future he’ll have no temples nor will anyone pray him.

Brahma had unintentionally ejaculated (unwillingly) on looking at his own granddaughter - Dakshayini.

Brahma had a glimpse of Gowri's thighs during her wedding and had another unwilling ejaculation, for which he was being cursed and punished by shiva for lusting his wife.

Shiva learnt that Drona's wife Kirpi was pretty, striped her nude and had ejaculated too.

Yama fell in love with Agni's daughter-in-law and disguised himself as a Brahman, learning that Agni’s son had ordered his wife to treat with dignity of any who come home seeking alms, and shouldn’t step out unsatisfied. Knowing this he asked her to sex with him a couple of times and she being a Pathivratha couldn’t deny her husband’s order, satisfied him on bed for which he granted a boon and blessed Agni’s son.

Tara, the wife of Bragaspathi (the guru of Devas) - had an affair with on of his sishya, Chandra (Moon) and hence Mercury was born.

Mercury (Budha) who was gay, stayed alone in a forest performing penance, Ila a king who was turned into a woman by Parvathi’s curse some say, but actually it was due to drinking the water from a pond made by Parvathi to play a prank on Shiva, cast a spell, on drinking the water the sex of a person would change after Shiva learnt this prank of Parvathi left at once with Parvathi to Kailasa without drinking it. But after a very long time king Ila and his horse who lost their track, while they were hunting, were very thirsty and consumed this water. Thus the sex of both, the king and horse were changed. The female turned king could not return back home to his queen so stood there and decided to curse the one who cast such a spell which was against natural law,

Thus Shiva and Parvathi appeared there instantly, tried to calm him down, and granted a boon that change of sex is never against law from then and as he didn’t wish his change in sex, he would be back to normal after he gives birth to a child, until then he would be in an oscillated sex mode(i.e. being a man for a month and a woman the other). After this incident he met Budha narrated his story, Budha accepted him as wife, they both were in deep love, gave birth to a kid after ten months and the king returned back home, promising Budha that he would consider his love for the rest of his life.(the fact in this is quite contradictory because he has to be a woman while he is delivering a baby, in that case, he should have been a man during the time of sex, that is when the ten months match).

Another story which states that a king newly married, went out for hunting, on watching two a deer couple mate, tried to masturbate imagining his wife and when he came out, he didn’t want his seeds or semen to be wasted and so asked the birds which flew by to carry his seeds in their mouth and artificially inseminate it into his wife’s womb.

Drunken wives of Krishna, insist his son Samba to have sex with them.

Bramha masturbated and collected his semen whenever he masturbated, fixing his carnal eyes on celestial beauty Urvasi, and collected his semen in a pot, thus Agastya was born. But the fact is Urvasi is Vishnu’s daughter born from his thighs, who didn’t want to ejaculate during his penance, hence drew his semen from the pores of his skin. Similarly Bramha is Vishnu’s son, hence were practically brother and sister.

Agni who’s bisexual, was interested in fellatio he was so horny once (according to Skanda Purana), when Shiva and Parvathi were having sex, the Devatha’s were awaiting for a child who would be an outcome of Shiva and Parvati’s sexual act. But Shiva and Parvathi went on and on that it took years for Shiva ejaculate, the Devatas who were eager, asked someone to interrupt so that out of shy of someone else’s presence Shiva would ejaculate. And thus so he did, when Agni entered Kailasa as a sage begging for alms, but his semen overflew the Yoni (vagina) of Parvathi. As Parvathi didn’t know what to give away in alms, she collected the over flown semen of Shiva (which is liquid mercury) and gave it to Agni as Prasad or a divine token, but lustful Agni who liked to swallow, consumed it, as Shive or Parvathi saw this was enraged by his act and cursed him that his body would start burning. Who later disposed the semen to “6” karthikeya women.

Ravan had no child for a very long time. So, he along with his queen Mandodri went to forest and performed intense Tapasya. Lord Shiva appeared as Jogi and gave him a mango to be eaten by his queen after certain rituals. Ravan instead, ate the fruit himself and was conceived. Eventually, Ravan, out of public shame, gives birth to Sita through nasal sneeze (Sita or Sheetal, meaning cold in Sanskrit). Ravan, out of sheer disgust then leaves Sita in the fields of king Janak!

As people of those days knew how to convert Sukra anu into Kapha anu which is its closest form of conversion according to Ayurveda by which they could excrete their semen through any other Randhra or opening in their body and yet could remain in celibacy.

A sage called Kardama (sage Kapila’s father) created a flying city to entertain his wife sexually without interference, during his honeymoon using his tapas Shakthi and knowledge of Vimanas (aeronautical science). Which speaks of flying saucers or flying machines of recent times.

There’s a wide dissent among people about Krishna having thousands of wives. The actual fact is that an Asura called Narakasura had a fetish of having sex with different women and not having repeated the sane damsel on bed for a very long time. Hence he kidnapped the women whose beauty were being praised by many and had them imprisoned and enjoyed them everyday, Krishna waited for his Punya of previous birth to extinct, after which he killed him with his wife Satyabhama and released them all, but the women tried to commit suicide as they feared of being insulted in the society and wouldn’t be accepted by any. As they felt it was better to die than not being given a social status.

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