Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Was Shiva Addicted To Sex?

Although there’s a lot told about Kama Dhahanam (destroying Kama by burning him down) Shiva was vigorous and wild in having sex. Shiva after having too much sex wanted to have control over his Manas or mind and started to perform tapas or penance, as he would set a bad example to many, knowing this the Devas were worried about the union of Shiva and Shakthi, they knew a small trigger of sexual desire in him would wake him up knowing this Kama was sent, but was burned by Shiva to ashes.

Shiva can never sustain without Shakthi but the other way could be possible though there are instances in Puranas which mention that Shakthi turns into Dhoomavathi, a celestial widow without Shiva.

But the actual fact is that Shiva can never exist without Shakthi, he is normal as any other person in this world except for immortality (and so is Vishnu who is nothing without Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) and Yoga Maya his power to create illusions).

There are many instances which states Shiva’s lust in the Puranas, he could have sex with Shakthi only, for the fact that only she had the ability to accept the dissipated heat of Shiva’s semen (which was hot liquid mercury).

A few instances of Shiva’s lust for women in Puranas:

After Dakshayini attempted suicide at Daksha Yagna, Shiva, to overcome his sexual urges requested the Devas, they in turn accepted to dispatch a few Apsaras to quench his lust until Shakthi reincarnated. So did the Apsaras had a few sessions with him, but couldn’t abide the heat of sexual friction and hot semen of Shiva. So they complained about this to their (Gandharvas) their husbands, they went to Vishnu seeking his help, so he asked the Apsaras to retire for a while, after which they prayed to Shakthi who appeared as a Kundalini in space and informed them about her incarnation of Parvathi and the time of her union with Shiva.

Meanwhile Shiva, who was addicted to sex, learnt that the Rishi women in daruka woods were pretty. Hence he decided to meet them and have a glimpse of their beauty and could ejaculate, fantasizing of having sex with them, but the circumstance which resulted due to his presence was different. As he saw the wives of the sages and was captivated by their beauty. For an unknown reason felt to share his anguish of having lost his wife, he told them how badly was he in need of sex, having heard this one of the sage’s wife laughed at him, enraged by this act he dragged her from there and insisted to have sex with her while the others stood shocked watching this act of Shiva.

When Shiva once was being invited by the mimansika Rishis ejaculated looking at their beautiful wives, infuriated by this the sages cast a spell on a highly venomous serpent to gnaw Shiva. But, the snake wound up his neck seeking refuge. The same story is narrated in the favor of Shiva's masculine beaut, when Shiva walks into the residence of Mimansika's naked as 'Digambara' enchanted by him the wives of the sages get attracted to him, the jealous Rishis try to kill him, but fail.

Shiva having lost Shakthi was alone, having heard of Jaganmohini’s beauty and having seen Vishnu as Jaganmohini during the Samhara of Bhasmasura, enchanted by his feminine looks pleaded him to have sex with him on the very spot where he met him, he accepts his proposal to have sex.

Shiva , Vishnu and Bramha once lusted Anusuya, having heard of her beauty wanted to have sex with her, he then visited her ashram waiting for a chance to meet her alone, he then posed naked trying to seduce her with his masculinity, he also tried to convince her by offering a child which she was longing for and held his lingam or penis in his hand and requested her to sex with him, but enraged Anusuya cursed him for which he later repented and granted her a boon, a child with his genetic behavior and thus Durvasa Muni was born. But, the same story is narrated in a different style, it seems that Anusuya was barren wombed so wished to have child since long and then the Thrimurthi's decide to test her chastity hence appears at her door as sages and when invited for lunch they propose her to serve them food nude. Anusuya decides to use her pathivratha shakthi or chastity and transforms them to children of a year each and feeds them, impressed by this the three supreme lords grant her a child each.

Having read all these stories many might enter a state of perplexion, regret for being a Hindu, disgust Hindu gods for their behavior, but having seen it in a way, we understand god didn’t want to create people to set examples to others. But instead they themselves where examples of consequences, of the deed or act performed, either good or bad none are spared according to dharma, god, demigod, human or whomever it might be, they have to for hoe the resulting consequences of their deeds performed. Just to let know humans that Dharma spares none, not even the god himself and hence played these dramatic instances.

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