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Pranava or Black hole

The Big Bang Theory in accordance to vedic science of the universe, is the origin which was once the end. This is a recurring cycle, the cycle of universe completely depends on the big bang theory which we call the “Pranava” or “Aum kaara”. According to science if there was no air sound waves could not propogate, and hence there was no sound in space except but those sounds which are of very high frequency and which do not need a medium to  propagate those kind of frequencies are so high that its range is much higher to guess even. But it is only the pranava which can be heard in space inclusive of Deva-raagam         (a music which can be heard at the time before bramha muhurtham that is from 2 to 4 in the morning, in complete silence) the pranava manthram is heard with a very high explosion of the black hole “with a sound, aum” which emits a light of very high intensity.

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The concept of black hole {Formation of a Black Hole:Imagine a star which is much more massive than our sun, and which has a mass, called the critical mass, which is large enough to cause a black hole to form. What keeps this star from collapsing onto itself and becoming a black hole? The answer is that there is an intense pressure caused by nuclear reactions within the sun. When the fuel that feeds the nuclear reactions gets used up the massive star cannot support itself anymore. It then collapses to form a black hole.  It is interesting to note that when a black hole is formed by a collapsing star it is actually impossible to watch the final steps of the formation of the black hole from a stationary external reference frame. An external reference frame is a place where one watches the formation of the black hole from far away, like an astronomer on Earth. In addition, it is impossible to see any object fall into a black hole. This is not to say that everything appears to freeze just before entering a black hole. As an object falls into a black hole it gets increasingly dimmer and dimmer from the point of view of an outside observer. By the time an object gets to the edge of a black hole, it will be completely black. This effect, called a gravitational redshift, is caused by the immense gravity near the outside of a black hole.}

  [Interesting fact: If you get close enough to a black hole you will see the back of your own head! This effect, called an Einstein ring, is caused by the intense gravity around a black hole. When you are near a black hole at certain distances the light that leaves from the back of your head will travel though space that is bent so much by gravity that it will enter your eyes.]

As mentioned above it won’t let even the light to escape its gravity is so high that it starts absorbing the heavenly bodies around it. We Indians consider (or associate to be much precise) this phenomenon in the universe as the union or the sexual intercourse of shiva shakthi. We consider the black hole as the genital organ(vagina) of shakthi and the substances absorbed by it, to be the semen of Shiva we call this process the “big crunch” in scientific terms which is the span during which shiva ‘s semen is passed into the vagina of shakthi(this was explained in shiva purana and shakthi purana that the yoni(the female sex organ) of shakthi appears in space  to  absorb the heat being generated in Shiva due to his sexual urge and absorbs the seeds to bring down the level of destruction caused due to his heat and stabilize the universe but, some say she appeared in theform of kundalini (a serpent coiled) and puranas of the maximum % explains the same as former). After this occurs shakthi gives birth to new heavenly bodies with a bang or sound of very high frequency range “aum”. This is called the Big bang  or the “pranava manthra”. This is considered divine, this was the origin of all. This cycle repeats causing the universe to expand but the starting point is not known as to which occurred first is it either the big bang or the big crunch, but we believe that shiv and shakthi being the origin of all their intercourse should be the only reason for the origin of all the heavenly bodies in the universe hence the pranava or the bigbang is consider the initial  incident. Here is the cycle :

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(Its believed that: three basic attributes/forces – satva, rajasa and tamasa. During brahma ratri, these forces remain in a balanced state. After the big bang, the three forces get realigned to form elementary particles called Mahat or Aapah, which combine further to form other basic particles, atoms and so on.

Hindu scriptures this is further subdivided as below:
1 Kalpa
1000 Chaturyugis

14 Manvantars + Buffer Periods of 6 Chaturyugis
1 Manvantar
71 Chaturyugis
1 Chaturyugi
4,320,000 years)
Of the 14 manvantars mentioned, the universe expands for the first seven, and contracts for the next seven and at last the unviverse collapses when this was what told by the Indians to the world of science people denied the same by not acknowledging it but now when they observed that the distance between the galaxies increasing they later agreed by calling it a discovery made by them, anyways we have proven that the universe is expanding which is mentioned in both hindu and Islamic philosophy but hindus continue saying that it would compress for which we have to wait if it might occur or not, and its is believed that there are much more universes along with ours. And the thrimurthies involve themselves in creating one more as 1 of those collapses.

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