Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Is 'Shiva Linga' Prioritized & Prayed In Hindu Culture?

A Shiva Linga as known is a union of male and female reproductive organs; it mainly symbolizes the origin and termination of life.

Many ridicule this very act of Hindus praying sexual organs (the penetrated reproductive organs or an action performed during sex), Linga being the male reproductive organ and Yoni is of the female’s (the lower portion). Well there stands science I should say.

Though it is partially true that it is a cause or origin of life (as almost all the Aathman in this earth takes birth as a result of sex). Even you might wonder now for it being the cause of, end of thing, well many consider the Black Hole as Kali (the goddess of destruction), many justify it in their own ways comparing it to Shiva (Pralaya Roopa or infinity ending into nothing),this could be true in accordance to their theories, may be or May be not. But there’s another theory widely accepted:

Shiva: The male from or Purusha, waits for every single Aathman left to attain Moksha and destroys everything, including Gods!, brings everything down to nothing, many say even time wouldn’t exist.

Shakthi: The female form or Prakruti, is the Pralaya Sakshi or the one who witnesses this phenomena.

The Black Hole, according to science is an object which absorbs every celestial being into it and will not allow even the light to pass out.

But, according to spiritual science, the black hole is considered the vagina, the yoni or the female reproductive organ of Shakthi, absorbs in the semen (celestial objects) of Shiva into it, thus ends everything, planning for a new beginning. Once the Black Hole explodes the Pranava is heard (i.e. the AUM Kaara or OM) in space announcing the ingress of new celestial beings, this theory is in accordance to the belief that god is everything and he exists everywhere.

The other reason being, the end, is that during sex many other Jeeva Anu or sperm expires in the yoni, which cannot make up to fertilize the egg.

So what’s wrong praying to a Linga you feel now, don’t you?

Hinduism is science, seeing science with a spiritual touch is Hinduism, it endorses nature and natural actions inevitable and uncontrollable by man.

Many might ask that its only Hindu culture that endorses gay culture, then why not any symbolical representation of their actions performed in sex?

A very simple explanation to those who believe that their religion states that its against law and god does not like this act, as known to all the very first verse in any religious book of any religion known, it says its god who is ultimate and is superior, he who is the one who decides even the tiniest speck’s color and nature, if that is what everyone believes then I have another one for you, the supreme soul decides every single act starting from the rise of sun, the direction of wind and of any other thing known or unknown to man, do you still think if god had not liked homosexuality to exist in this world, would have created it in the first place? He who preplans the very next second of what we would or should do in this life, would have not planed about this? Without his “permission or thought “there would be such a thing in this world prevailing? And lastly what apart from this in this world, do exist that god doesn’t like? If “nothing” is your answer then do you even now think that there are things in this world that god wouldn’t like, when God has the power to eradicate things that he doesn’t like, why will he sit idle looking at a so called “unnatural” behavior?

Though there are many Hindu leaders who speak against gays, it shows their ignorance or lack of knowledge towards Hindu culture, I really do wonder at times as to how where they being upheld as spiritual leaders when they known not a twig about a vastly grown tree called Hinduism, there are many Pauranic stories which state and prove gay love, Budha and Ila, Shiva and Jaganmohini, Aaho Ooho Gandharvas are a few of examples. Many even now think that Vishnu turned into a woman (Jaganmohini) and seduced the Dhanavas for the divine nectar to be drawn away from them, but it’s not true. (One thing which all of us must understand, is that even if gods have got powers to create miracles they don’t go against laws of nature for whatever it might be or for whatever it might take, the only thing which was done against law was to replace Ganesh’s head with an elephant one, that was done save nature from the goddess who turned furious against the Devas or gods who killed her son, they later promise to never do so again) so coming back, Vishnu never turned into a woman at all, ever, all he did was that he disguised himself like a woman, his feminine looks and soft nature of his endorsed it (in ref to text Alankara Priyaha which means he loved getting a makeover ).

Thus when being called by Shiva, who had to satisfy his sexual urges after losing his wife Dhakshayini, who fell into a pyre, so he just disguised himself as a beautiful damsel and when entertained Shiva sexually there was no way for the semen to enter his body (not even from behind as it won’t sustain long enough in the intestinal walls, it will surely make its way out). Hence the semen which was spilled out during this incident, was been preserved for years in the right place and in right temperature, which later was artificially inseminated into Anjana’s womb to give birth to Hanuman.

So concluding about endorsing gay culture which any other religion don’t, it’s because Shiva is the one who destroys and Shakthi is the only one left behind with him all the way through negative infinity, Shiva Linga is only about male and female reproductive organs intersected, if there was any other god equally powerful who would be left behind to witness this whole phenomena of nature and if Lord Shiva is Bisexual, as which he is, there will be another kind of Shiva Linga too… (although u may get to know and see that a black hole sucks into the objects around from both sides, up and below and from the sides), though Indian Kamasutra and medical science believe that backward penetration is very normal during sex in case of a man and woman having sex, how does, in any way could it be different in-case of a man and man when the organ to be penetrated is the same?