Friday, July 1, 2011

Safe south india…

King of Dravidian India Sathyavratha who prays  to god everyday in the river kruthamala which is in Madurai now called Thuvari maan, who was selected to immigrate to next Yuga after pralaya, he and saptha rishis wait for the boat which is tied to a fish an incarnation of Vishnu by Vasuki. The matsya or fish carries the boat in water for 1000 chaturyugas  which is 1 night of bramha’s sleeping time.

Science: The northern region of India(just above Karnataka, moving upwards towards Himalayan range, also ”punya bhoomi” or the land of punya or good deeds) have a base of rock layer called the soft rocks, which are spread all over the globe except but a few areas which include “South India”, the area below the northern India, this peninsula shaped Deccan plateau  has a rock layered base of “nice rocks” which are comparatively more harder than the soft rocks and when being explored was found, the age of these rocks were 3crore years.
These “Nice rocks” are so strong that they have been escaping the natural calamities for such a long period that their existence still prevails with their history recorded in the vedic and puranic instances.
This matches the biblical concept of “Noah’s ark”, which was a facsimile of the same incident, has been a significant occurrence after every yuga and has been a  terminating incident of each yuga. This alone explains the life span of the peninsula region which is so called the “karma bhoomi”or the land of karma.

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