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Untold facts of Puranas and history: part-1

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Did you know?
1.The Ashvini Devathas who were the sons(twins) of sun and were the vedic devathas, solar deities as swift as light and also known as god of lights were actually atlanteans.
Yes they were basically from Atlanta out of which one was a great physician and the other a beautician they had the boon of coveting everlasting youth and beauty
Using stem cells and self multiplying anti-oxidants  which is new to us and unknown and they were also known for their handsomeness and fair complexion.

2.Lord Shiva, he who survives by consuming more of animal and human flesh, is actually a weapon designer, he designed weapons using laser and many other technologies unknown to man till date. He actually invented a very high intensity laser beamed light discus called sudharshan chakra which was later won by Vishnu after performing sever penance which later made him very powerful, without which he was a normal human being as others. He also deisgned weapons like trishul which had  a purpose when being pierced in any portion of the body would simultaneously  affect the functioning of the adjoining organs and would sometimes paralyze the person. He not only designed all this but many more like so called Khadga which was designed using  an alloy called (Hitthale in kannada, pithhalai in tamil) Bronze with the percentage of iron and Aluminum increased, which is available even today in some parts of india(this metal starts emitting poison which when  being used as a vessel and filled with water or liquid of any kind, left over for days)and thus this was made use in weaponry for destruction with very little resources, the khadga was soaked overnight for days in the same water for a poisonous coat to form over its surface.
He also designed a  counch which would generate a high frequency sound wave, loud enough to bleed the ears of foes and could kill insects in that vicinity.

3.Varuna the god of all water bodies like sea, rivers, lakes etc was actually a jewellery designer and was considered the best in giving the feminish touch to the designs and choosing right stones he was rated higher than the Devanga- who designed clothes for gods.

4. Vishwakarma a cloned form of Shiva who gets to marry devi Gayathri was an interior decorator and a brilliant architect who had the ability to build huge Buildings in one night and use materials like reflectors , glass, weapons and other stuffs for automated home security and substances which would generate laser beam  with frequency high enough to bear human weight, which inturn was used as stairs and bridges in the house, sound proof metallic ceilings and walls, light weighted steel plates used as elevators etc.

5.Ravan, the rakshas of Ramayan was a frequent visitor of Australia who had all his weapons being tested,trailed,designed and hidden there, for his warfare. Before his possession of Australia or asthralaya, it was actually the weapon storage of devathas which he after an attack acquired for his own usage. He was the first puranic character who used Thorium
As an explosive during wars.

6.people quite powerful,  knowledged and capable( to react, respond and reflect  in a limited time span) inclusive of  extra physical  growth were considered special. Like Shiva with 3rd eye, Agni with an extra leg , multiple heads , multiple hands etc

7.Technologies for non surgical transplants and implants  did exist.

8.DNAs  of  animals and human were fused and experimented to witness the result.

9.Draupadi, the daughter of Agni was a very special Puranic character  because she was the only Indo-tibetan  woman with sharp features and dark complexioned.  She is believed to be an avatar of Durga(some say Swarga Lakshmi, Goddess  of heaven), she was so powerful and yet was so down toward, she once tried to kill her own husbands for having bid her in gambling without her knowledge and it was Krishna who stopped her from doing that and yet considered a pathivratha or a woman of chastity. This shows that pathivratha is not being loyal, downtoward and a loving spouse alone, it completely changes the idea of pathivratha that we had.

10. Ashwathama son of dronacharya was sent to gulf countries by Krishna and lived there forever and is believed to be still alive and visits India even today after the death of Krishna.

11.the Mayans are believed to be the santathi (successors)or those born to lord Vishwakarma who migrated to America long ago which is being mentioned in puranas, and that’s how their prediction was close to that of the Indians, the Mayans and Indians almost have the same way of Astrological prediction and science. For example Indian astrological science speaks of change in the velocity of motion in Jupiter  after 2012or 2013 as in case of Mayans, which COULD be a reason of mass destruction.

12. lord Shiva lives in Himalayas the snow capped mountains to dissipate the heat generated in his body.

13. Buddha is actually not an avatar of Vishnu. He was a prince for sure but, ws considered special because he sacrificed  a life which many craved for.
 Buddha in his previous birth was  a very cruel and vicious man who at his final stage of life repented for what he was and tried to be good, the only good things that he did in his life was to free a pair of bulls from a person who used them in his cart and helped an old lady who was carrying firewood on her way back home. After he expired was taken to hell and was asked, for which of his deeds, would he like to enjoy the benefits of , The good or the bad?
It was Narad who had the knowledge of what was he going to be in his next life steered him with a strategy to ask for his results of good first, for which he was sent to swarga or Heaven, where he participated in a Yagna or sacrifice for the gods which was held once in a 1000yrs time, due to which his punya or “the good deeds” kept multiplying for every second he spent there helping the gods, scared of this Yama had to summon him back to Hell and gave him 2 options: 1. of suffering in hell and later  settle in heaven forever OR 2.he could take another birth wash away his sins by living without any support or luxury inclusive of shame and difficulty and he also couldn’t own a thing of his own. He chose the second one. 
And surely must mention about this, a doubt a controversy that people rise with, due to misconceptions, is thatat Hanuman the celebate or Askhalitha Bramhachari has a spouse named Swarchala devi and also Swamy Dattatreya's spouse is known to Anagha. The fact is that these were the female forms of their powers stacked within they represent purity, they are not literally spouses but were to represent that male and female forces are equally important to make a source of power complete. In other terms they were female forms of their own identity.

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