Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vimanas -part2

The construction of shakuna vimana is as shown:
'Shakuna Vimana' described in the text 'might be defined as a cross between a plane and a rocket of our times and its design might remind one of today's Space Shuttle.'  Quoting from 'Vymanika Shastra' he said the ancient flying devices of India were made from special heat absorbing metals named 'Somaka, Soundalike and Mourthwika used to convert solar energy to electric energy of dynamic type.
This sketch was based on the vedic texts:

 The 3D image of the same;

This Vimana is believed to be constructed not only on the basis of vimanika shastra but also on Shakuna shasthra and samudrika lakshana shasthra.
Here shown is a Vimana desired by many rakshasa kings and the devathas called tripura vimana which was 3 stroried.

And finally the most amusing Vedic vimana which resembles the famous 3sided triangular based pyramidal shaped UFO, of alien  mostly found during their invasions 
is being mentioned in the vedas with their construction too.(courtesy from  the site mentioned above).

What more can we expect from the vedas to provide us?
Scientists of today who take days together to calculate and confirm a phenomena in nature was just calculated in minutes(even those which could occur years later) by vedic astrologers.
The actual scripts that we now how at present does not contribute to even 15 of the actual number of scripts we had. even after a few were given as gifts (Arthashatra, Kautilya shastrhra etc and many other scripts secretly were sent away to Greece)to Alexander by the Indian King Chandragupta,there were enough manuscripts left in Takshashila or Taxila, which were burnt down for 1 continuous year, i.e.  for more than 360 days, heaps of vedas and other manuscripts were burnt down to ashes. If we could just imagine, that if these left overs could provide such great information, what would the heaps have had to contribute to us?.

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