Monday, September 24, 2012

shiva smears ash - part3

Shiva gives more importance to feelings and emotions than materialistic offerings, he does odium the act of littering matters of nature, like, cremating corpses, because on seeing humans fritter away things granted by nature, felt nature or prakriti his wife, was disregarded, so advised and insisted his disciples to consume the littered substances, which include flesh of a dead person, excreta and skeletals for their other uses. His disciples the Nagas, Aghoras, Sidhhas and many others do not waste anything being littered including corpses and excretes of animals and humans, which till date they follow as an order passed by Shiva himself, as according to them one should be able to visualize divinity in everything, as god exists everywhere. 
Intresting… This was the first attempt to recycle the waste LOL. There’s another folklore which say, that when Shiva was wondering “why the wars and conflicts were for?”, he saw people carrying a carcass for cremation, waited there until the corpse was completely burnt, saw people returning back home, saw the Athman or spirit  of the dead person sitting beside and crying, he still didn’t get his answer when he tried questioning the Athaman, he understood that that the reason for it being sorrow, was not death but, repentance and understanding the truth that all his obsessions for women, money and land didn’t accompany him in the end, neither did he possess them eternally. Enlightened by this Shiva felt it was his duty to remind those who were existing with such obsessions, what’s worth doing and what remains in the end. So smeared the ash of the corpse in front of him, all over his body, startled by this behavior of Shiva the Athman asks him, being a Lord of Lords why did he have to apply the ash of such a normal and despicable person, he then answers being down toward, that though he was God, the Athman was an “indirect-Guru” who fetched him answers, so then grants him salvation. 

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