Monday, September 17, 2012

Nature of Shiva: part2

Shiva introduced to sex by Prakriti- 
I, in my post earlier said that Shiva was inclined towards sex a wee, which enraged many I know. But, kids out there,” the time now is adequate, of sticking to your bed-time stories, it’s now time you get real!” so, yes, coming back to the sex life of Shiva.    .Shiva who meditated for eons was unaware of the newly formed “Bramhanda”, as he preferred staying detached from the world which never mattered to him. Kalpas (eons)  before he had segregated his better-half “Bhoga”- desire, on the request of Lord Bramha as it was only desire which could help him create, and so he forgets Bhoga (worldly desires) completely. After eons Bhoga takes a female form(goddess Shakthi or prakriti:- nature), appears in front of him naked as "Kali" and tries to attract him towards her, trying to entail him in the process of creation, protection and destruction. As he couldn’t be left idle, ignorant of his job, hence she tries to attract him but fails, she then opts sexual ways to attract him he who was unaware of worldly desires doesn’t understand what she was trying to do, hence she then attempts to teach him “the love making act”. She voluntarily inserts his penis into her vagina and helps him sense the pleasure, yet lord Shiva remains ignorant, during this loving making act, his devotees enter his abode to have a glimpse of their deity, Shakthi was startled by the presence of unexpected guests, covers her face bashfully with a lotus(she was called Lajja Gauri)  
but Shiva welcomes all, having seen this, the sadhus or sages calls the innocent lord “Bholenath”, and creates the symbol “linga-yoni” linga- the upper portion of Shiva linga i.e. the male sex organ and yoni- the lower portion, of the female. After which Shakthi or Prakriti understands that his heart could be won only by Bhakthi or dedication, so she incarnates as Parvati and impresses him with her devotion, he then accepts her and loves her more than one’s-self, she then explains him the importance of nature, society, principles and how important is sex, which is a divine act to bring life of the same kind amongst the clan and yet he forgets them all, as he finds it difficult to adopt them all, which he felt were against his principles of “Vyragya” or renunciation.
To make him understand the importance of copulation and other needs of survival, devi Parvati disappears. Shiva having the feel of being incomplete and having lost something drove him nuts, he also could empathize the difficulty of souls around him, starving for food and without sex the cycle of nature was at the verge to end. He then realizes Shakthi’s importance and what was she capable of, so prays to her for her return, tells her that he understood the importance of prakriti, who was Bhog-shakthi. (He then accepts his addiction for his wife, who was prakriti, the stigma of prakriti involves production which involves sex, parallel to it was destruction to complete the cycle, hence he indirectly is addicted to sex and endorses it too).

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Love your illustrations. Very emphatic (i must like them a lot, for I have been trying to post this comment for quite a while! this is the third attempt!)