Thursday, January 5, 2012

WHY Gay?

 Though science does not give an explanation to, birth of a gay or a lesbian child, Ayurveda does.  Science says that its an option that a person chooses to live like, but never says why he chooses that way of life style or preference of sexual satisfaction.

 It has an explanation which convinces us, to a degree of conviction acceptable, according to Ayurveda:
It is said that during the mating action of two opposite sexes, the release of sperm which fertilizes the ovary or eggs of a woman’s womb, if found less dominant,
i.e. if a sperm’s energy level or the strength is comparatively less than the ovary or egg and if the sperm happens to be a male sect and is dominated by the characteristics of the fertilized egg, then it would result in a gay child, the extremities extend upto            cross-dressing.
 and a sperm which belong to a female sect and found more energetic and fertilizes an egg which is comparatively weak, results in a lesbian child.
similarly when an ovary very weak is fertilized by a weak sperm results in a 
Trans-gender. similarly the roles they opt for i.e. being masculine but gay, crossdressing, being girlish all depends on the dominant characteristics of either the sperm or the Ovaries, during or after the fertilization act.
Hope this did help a few who are searching for answers.

(well, shown above is a wall painting of an Egyptian tomb.)



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